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Benefit's Capped By Number Of Children

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AB Editor | 11:55 Thu 06th Jun 2013 | News
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In the sixties I was left a single mum as a result of my marriage breakup. I can remember claiming CB and a notice of tax coding arriving showing I was paying tax twice on it, I rang Tax office and told that was correct, it told them stuff CB
I am not paying double tax(I know noses being cut off) so never received it.can anyone else remember this obscure ruling?
Forgot to say I only had the one child.
-- answer removed --
How would this impact on Roman Catholics who accept their chuch's ruling on contraception?
Valid point arthur- unless the apostrophe was used to denote a contraction of the statement "Benefit is capped".
We all make typos on here from time to time though
Child benefit (assuming this is what the OP means, rather than global 'benefits') should remain and be a safety net for those fallen on hard times. I'd agree with a cap merely for the production of a child to achieve financial gain, and yes 2 seems a good enough number, drop it completely then assess dependencies after that should redundancies etc kick in.

We need children in our society to run it, drive the economy and look after us when we are old. I suspect the people exclaiming 'don't have kids' etc etc, are either past their child bearing years and bitter at the younger generation, or too young to have reached the maternal/paternal stage in their lives.
shouldnt get it for the first-was only brought in to increase the population after the war years

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Benefit's Capped By Number Of Children

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