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A Lib/Dem with muscles, that's a new one.
We can expect to see more of this in the run-up to the next election as the Lib Dems manouevre themselves more obviously away from the Tories and effectively become an opposition in government.

By the way there's a book out by Andrew Adonis (ex Labour minister) on the behind-the-scenes trading and neogotiation that went on in May 2010 between the three parties leading to the current coalition. If Adonis is to be believed the leading Lib Dems behaved shockingly dishonestly, effectively as a bunch of liars - especially Ashdown. Normally you'd say it was political dynamite, but perhaps dynamite and the Lib Dems don't really go together :-)
Question Author
Pity he didn't use his muscles when the Tories were putting the final nail in the coffin of Remploy.
I imagine the Tories will be delighted. They have been able to junk an unpopular policy, and blame it all on Clegg.
Question Author
Who will even remember who Clegg was in 10 years time ? Nobody had heard of him 12 months before the Election in 2010. One of histories forgettables I fear.

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