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Prince Philip Poorly Again

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Ann | 23:31 Mon 03rd Jun 2013 | News
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Shame it's on the eve of the Coronation service tomorrow, it is sad to see the Queen without him, like she was on her own at her Jubilee service last year. Hope he recovers overnight .......


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I don't think one example can prove your point. Basically, the Queen and Prince Philip have enjoyed general good health and as jno says expensive care can help you keep it.

I have a condition that could happen to anybody royal or pauper and regardless of wealth or position even the best doctors could not make it go away or get me walking like the Queen. There are plenty of sprightly poor 80+ year olds about that have hardly ever had anything wrong with them. Luck of the draw.

It is sad about your mother though.
you do get rubbish doctors on the NHS, you get rubbish people in any organisation. But I think it's still rare enough that it gets into the papers when it happens. Sorry to hear about your mother, but I think she was very unlucky; that isn't standard practice.
So, you're just 60 something Ann? (marks diary) :-)
Thank you but I don`t need any explainations at to my Mum`s situation. It is a fact though that if one has money, one`s life expectancy is greater. That is a fact and in that respect, the Queen and her husband are lucky.
The average life span in my family is 85-90. We are not wealthy. Not all rich people who can afford the best medical care reach a good old age. The Queen and her husband have not had any major illnesses. The Queen's father didn't reach 60.
I think the point that 237 is making is that the queen wouldn't have seen a doctor with a lump and not been given every test possible.
the Queen's mum passed 100, though. (Her dad died of smoking.) Genes play a big part, but it's just luck as to who gets them.
I should say 'because of a lump'

That sounded like the doctor has a lump.
I understand what you are saying ummmm. But quite honestly breast lumps are almost always routinely referred to specialists in my opinion by NHS doctors. Unfortunately, there will be exceptions though and it is very sad in the case of 237SJ poor mother.
My point isn`t about the fact that my Mum has secondaries, my point is that the royals have the best private medical care which means that any health problems can be spotted before they become a problem.
this old frail man should be at home with his feet up ,
Princess Margaret didn't do herself any favours healthwise. She was a heavy smoker and drank a fair bit.
Given their relative ages, it is inevitable that they will need to miss or withdraw from events more frequently, despite what appears to be iron constitutions.

Time to abdicate in favour of a younger,fitter model, perhaps?
I've just watched the service and thankfully he made it through...I thought he looked a bit uncomfortable but he perked up as soon as it was over. :)
LG, as I understand it, the heir isn't fitter, and will not necessarily outlive his parents. (He's not at death's door or anything, he's just said not to have the same robust constitution.)

This could well be totally groundless, of course.
@jno - I was actually thinking they skip a generation :) Not a big fan of Charlies, myself - well, to be truthful, I am not a fan of the monarchy at all, and personally would wish to do away with them entirely - but 80 ahd 90 year olds being expected to keep up a busy schedule of public appearances seems more like a cruel and unusual punishment, to me ;)
not a great monarchist myself, LG, but one of the good points about it is they don't say phooey, I don't want the job (consider the ructions when Edward VIII did so), they just get on and do it. Whatever they may think of little Wills, people would take a dim view if Charles decided to hand the position over to the kid and go farming; he's been training for it at our expense for a long time.
Can't see why this old chap has to be paraded up and down every day at his age. He probably just wants to put his feet up, watch Tricia, and then have nice afternoon nap. Can't one of the huge bunch of royal hangers-on take his place ?

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Prince Philip Poorly Again

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