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Gran67 | 02:40 Mon 06th May 2013 | News
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"Census figures show white Britons are leaving areas where they are minority"

Would you leave your area if you found yourself in the minority?


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I hope you decide to take up the case. My father died when I was 19. I was illegitimate. I am 49 this year. He died without a will (it disappeared!) His wife kept everything for her legitimate son. I was close to my father - and stayed with him every summer holiday. But we hadn't got round to legalising anything - he died young and unexpectedly.

I think 30 years is too long to deal with this - I hope your case is not so old and you can get a good inheritance to help you.
Don't leave it without a fight - I regret it!
No. I once saw a black man in this village!
There is a black family that live in my street...

Shock horror!!!

Just one though!
[i]Large areas of London are indeed becoming "No Go Areas" for the indigenous English people.[i]

Oh I can beat that ummmm lol. Lots where I am AND a church where only black people attend... and I'm still here!
Its not easy to say its true or false unless we hear from people who live in these areas and have an understanding of it. Crystal castles from both Methyl and SP

I grew up in Camberwell

Then I lived in Herne Hill/Brixton.

After leaving home, I lived in Bethnl Green briefly and then Walworth.

All areas with high non-white residents. None of which were 'no go areas' for whites.
What a lot of nonsense.
Last night I thought...I haven't had a takeaway or ages. But I looked in vain for somewhere to buy Toad-in-the-hole, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pud, Liver and onions, and boiled beef and carrots. So I had to have a Chicken Tikka Masala instead. Tut tut tut...what is the world coming to ?
Not really Gran ( hi). Race is not something I ever think about. We've lived all over the place and it really doesn't worry me in the slightest, I think the media stirs up a muck storm and tries to terrify everyone into thinking the world's coming to an end simply to flog their newspapers. I don't think we're in much danger of anything, we live in one of the freest countries in the world.
I'm in the minority where I live and guess what still living here!
Well said shari ! These thinly disguised racist rants need combating !
sp, a black man commenting about how some white people might feel, you really can't speak for them.
i know those areas too, and plenty more besides, and some areas i don't feel safe in now, i wouldn't have said that a few years back.

I know what I'm talking about.

To say that large areas of London are becoming 'no go areas' for whites is cobblers.
there are areas of Scotland and Wales where it doesnt pay to be English!
so your white friends told you so, wonder how they would feel if you told them that you would be happy if they were in the minority in a few years time, re the other thread. You know because you live here, or have years of experience, i would go on some others who might not share your views.
mine included, we all have a different take on things.
London is a place i know exceedingly well, perhaps more than you, who knows, but i have seen the massive changes to it's population in that time, so let's agree to differ,
Look round the world and you will see it duz not work

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Integration Doesn't Seem To Be Working

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