Six Admit Planning To Bomb English Defence League Rally

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Orderlimit | 10:10 Tue 30th Apr 2013 | News
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This is interesting reading


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Five of the group took a homemade bomb to an EDL rally in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, but arrived after it ended.

They were caught after their car was stopped for having no insurance.

the rally ended because the EDL ran out of speakers.

Two well-honed, frighteningly efficient groups at odds there.
Tempted to write a comedy about this...
The penalty for blasphemy of Allah and his Messenger Muhammad is death.

Unless the cheque to Norwich Union bounces
I'm sure Chris Morris is sharpening his pen at this very moment......Six Lions?
Idiots. If this attack had happened, then the EDL's membership would have risen dramatically. It would have been the biggest boon to the far right in England since god knows when.
some of the stories surrounding last week's birmingham trial sentencing were just as ludicrous - four of the alleged plotters were sent off to terror camp, only to find their "trainers" had all left to go and celebrate Eid with their families, leaving them stranded and having to be rescued by an uncle.
Perhaps the police/ MI5 knew all about it.
Told the EDL to pack up early.
Stopping them was no accident.
Twas all a ruse to protect an informer.
Or perhaps I'm giving them more credit than they deserve.
what a bunch of pea brains, it could have gone disastrously wrong of course, but you would think someone might have checked the car insurance.. and the finish time of the rally.
Perhaps easy to see how they were brainwashed.
Svjek -I think you are right - in fact certain you are right -but we'll never know.
i was watching the lunch time news, the police, security services already had one of the men under surveillance, so they were known to them...
and as the police officer commented, this could have been a terrible disaster, seeing the weaponry they were carrying, and that the explosive devices contained metal objects like ball bearings, so no need to think they weren't intent on anything but harm to all unsundry.
Is it any wonder why they are protesting about the rise of Islam in the UK?

/// The would-be attackers left the town but were stopped by a traffic police officer on the M1 motorway for having no car insurance. ///

It is a wonder no one has said, the police only picked on them because of their colour.
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I thought four Lions was a comedy, not a documentary.

The police drove the two terrorists of the uninsured vehicle to the nearest railway station so they could get home by train.
Question Author
That's Traffic cops for you Gromit.
Apparently the car wasn't searched until a couple of days afterwards. As soon as the police saw these men's appearance and all in one car together, the car should have been searched straight away. Yes it is ethnic profiling or whatever you want to call it, so what? It might have saved lives if they had been on their way to plant the bombs and not returning home.

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Six Admit Planning To Bomb English Defence League Rally

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