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Should We Be Scared Of North Korea?

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AB Editor | 09:57 Tue 02nd Apr 2013 | News
73 Answers

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  • No - 135 votes
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  • Yes - 133 votes
  • 50%

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I disagree jim360, no need to take on their Army (ground troops in this type of war would be fairly ineffectual anyway as the US and various allies wouldn't be looking to invade), just take out one or two (or more!) strategic targets in order to administer a bloody nose.
That ought to give him something to think about and hopefully assist him in realising that N. Korea does not have the capability but more importantly nor the allies to back up it's threats.
He's taunting and threatening for no good reason so let him reap the whirlwind.
They are impressive on the parade ground. . . . .

Chilli, wouldn't it be the grass-eaters who tend to 'reap the whirl-wind'.
Do all north koreans serve in the Army? Are there not "normal" people there that want peace and to open the country to happiness and wealth? One dictator hanging on to His family seat for all the wealth it brings, another saddam?
I think China should sort this one out, we really don't want the U.S fighting on russia's and china's borders.

Looks like they're ramping it up.
One disconcerting aspect of this whole North Korean show of (none) strength is that the Americans have now parked an anti-missile system on the island of Guam which will be operational in a few weeks. This is about 2,000 miles from NK but is even closer to China, potentially rendering some of China's missile silos vulnerable to attack / interception. From what I've read, China is not entirely happy about this and I can see why.

I think this may be the real threat in this scenario. NK's rhetoric and actions has caused two large military powers to occupy the same geographical territory. Never a good thing.
I worry about the commanders of our own nuclear weapons who can contrive to ram them into something as large as the Isle of Skye. "Astute", I think the name of the vehicle was.
I was not scared, thought it was sabre rattling until I saw the trailer of the new film with Morgan Freeman called Olympus has fallen - changed my mind.
We should certainly be wary. Never trust madmen.
Well chill I'd hope you're right. But there's no guarantee that the North Koreans would be scared into piece by small-scale bombing, and it may need full-scale war in the end. Again, I hope you are right that it wouldn't take nearly so much force.
Intresting how the 'Yes' vote is gradually increasing . I think it will be over 50% soon.
North Korea is the only place in the world where the whole population are constantly educated as to what to do if they are hit by a nuclear bomb. There are shelters for most of the population and all the government departments they practice nuclear defense measures every month.
If North Korea was hit by a full on nuclear strike well over 80% of the population and all the government would survive.

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Should We Be Scared Of North Korea?

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