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rojash | 13:10 Sun 31st Mar 2013 | News
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Got up this morning intending to go out for the day. 16 degrees, grey skies, raining :-)


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LOL, thank you, rojash!
13:15 Sun 31st Mar 2013
As this is in News, do you have a link?
LOL, thank you, rojash!
Here in Manchester we have had 3 gloriously sunny days. It has been cold, but I have been out walking everyday. Certainly not the bad weather that was reporting the worse Easter weather on record.

// Forget the traditional Easter egg hunt. This year, it seems we’re hunting for the sun instead.
Nearly two million Britons are preparing to fly away to escape the Arctic chill this Bank Holiday – up around 30 per cent on a typical Easter weekend.
There has been a rush for last-minute holiday and short-break deals to beat the cold snap, which forecasters say will be with us until May and will send temperatures plunging to -6C this week.

Read more:

Its been a tad warmer the last couple of days where I am. And no rain.
no wind here today or yesterday, that's a huge improvement
If I lived in Manchester I too would want to go out walking (as far away from it as possible) come rain, snow or hurricanes.
It gets up to a whole 8 degrees here on Tuesday... lucky, lucky us.
AOG Steady on now. It's not that bad, we've got erm! and er!. Well we've got a bit of sunshine and believe me that's a bonus.
Is it true that all Manchurians possess tarpaulin scalps?
AOG - is that Manchurians as in Chinese people from Manchuria?
Have you gone and got yer sen an Ipad, AOG ?

Mick, in AOG's favour, he does treat everyone the same whether they be Muslims, Manchurian Chinese AND Mancunians
// Manchurians //

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"As this is in News, do you have a link?"

Yes, Baldric:

Could be here for a while using that one!
Gawd I don't get it!

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