Isn't It Time We Tackled Modern Day Slavery Here In Britain?

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anotheoldgit | 16:15 Sun 10th Mar 2013 | News
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This is all happening now, not in the 18th century, but now here in Britain in the 21st century, should we be concerned, and what is the answer?


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// The Centre for Social Justice, an independent think-tank set up by Iain Duncan Smith //


Iain Duncan Smith the right wing politician?
I will be interested to see the report and its recommendations. It is publushed tomorrow.

One snippet leapt out....

// Police, too, were found wanting, with officers often choosing to arrest trafficking victims instead of protecting them. One deputy chief constable recalled the case of a girl who had managed to escape from a brothel and flee to a police station where she described how she had been trafficked. "She had no passport. Under these confusing circumstances, we chose to arrest her for being an illegal immigrant," he said. //
All part of the problems of our lax immigration policy of the last few decades, and our continued membership of the EU.

Leave th "doors" open and you will get all sorts coming here, including criminals, murderers, "sex slaves" and so on.

The continued path of this country being dragged down to 3rd world levels.
Yes, easy meat Gromit.

Far easier to arrest a young girl scared out of her wits “because she had no passport” than to find out what the more serious problem was. I imagine the circumstances were very confusing: young girl, possibly bedragled, confused or maybe injured, escapes her captors, runs to police station for help and sanctuary, explains her plight. All very confusing. True, we don't know all the facts, but I can imagine.
And yes I agree with you, too, VHG. But the police must deal with what we have, not what most of us would like them to have.
another stunning benefit of our wonderful multi-cultured society.
Quite, baz -- these problem didn't exist before immigration at all did they?

G'roundhog Day'
Seriously, I want to read the report.

My initial take was it is IDS, so it must be bollo(ks, and a look at 'about us' on their website revealed they were mostly investment bankers, but hey, their hearts seem to be in the right ....

of course its always been around but just like immigration , its all about the numbers, its never been a problem in the way that it is now, so take your head out of the sand and join the real world
When children leave home they are sometimes destitute and will do anything to get a roof over their head and so the exploitation. I suppose the same could be said about young immigrants who think the UK can offer a better life.

However it does not just apply to young girls. Only recently a gang was jailed for treating adult males as slaves which went on for many years until one had the sense to break away and tell the authorities.

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Isn't It Time We Tackled Modern Day Slavery Here In Britain?

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