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Coronation Street Stars Warned About Homophobic Abuse.

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anotheoldgit | 15:06 Sun 10th Feb 2013 | News
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Years ago Coronation Street was once a very gay! soap, with laughs and frivolities, but now it seems Gay, Gay and more Gays.

Isn't it a wonder that the Gay lobby haven't issued comments on the way a Gay character in the Street has suddenly turned 'Straight' and is now having a relationship with a female.

I always though that one was born a gay and wasn't for turning, or is this just a myth?


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Yes I can understand the Bi-sexual point that has been raised, but take a person who has been happily married for a number of years (to a woman that is, just to be topical), and he suddenly comes out that he is gay, is he then a full blown homosexual or a bi-sexual?

That is the whole point in this Coronation Street story line, here we have a male nurse who as to my knowledge been a homosexual all his life, and then he suddenly becomes heterosexual when he falls in love with a woman.

So surely if he was a bi-sexual he would have had a liking for both females and males all his adult life.
Well Eddie Izzard is a lesbian in a man's body so it's hard to be sure.

I really don't know, and it is 'only a story', but one would hope that the Story Planners on any Soap would do some research with appropriate and valid sources.
Question Author

/// An adult man who is homosexual will not turn into a heterosexual ///

But can a heterosexual turn into a homosexual?

Take prison life do we not hear of heterosexual male prisoners taking part in homosexual activities?

Also straight women prisoners taking part in Lesbian activities?
/do we not hear of heterosexual male prisoners taking part in homosexual activities?

Also straight women prisoners taking part in Lesbian activities? /

Do we?

That's too much cheese just before bedtime that is.
Question Author
whiskeryron came up with a very interesting scenario.

Say this boy was rescued when he was an adult, and had never seen another male or female being apart from his late mother and father, would he automatically take a sexual liking to either males or females according to his genetic sexual orientation?
Interesting question

Normally, sexual orientation at puberty is given form and shape by sexual and asexual experiences in childhood.

Arousal as a physical phenomenon will happen regardless, the differences are the images and associations we attach to it.

I would suggest that in the given scenario, the child will have images and associations of 'maleness' and 'femaleness' based, assuming no other references available, on the parents. This can start as early as a baby's responses to parents' different voices.

Extrapolations of one of those sets of associations will then be associated with sexual fantasies during arousal and masturbation while still isolated.
No,aog, a heterosexual does not turn into a homosexual. That a man indulges in or suffers homosexual activity in prison doesn't mean he is homosexual. He may think "any port in a storm" ! But some women and men are latent homosexuals who only come out later, having lived apparently ordinary heterosexual lives up to then, and some are truly bi-sexual .
Do we really need gay characters in soaps??? It's just TV being PC. Why doesn't someone just make a gay soap for gay people to watch?
Yes joe

and a Disabled Soap for disabled people to watch

and a Black soap for Black people to watch

After all, who ever heard of gay or disabled or black people living on an ordinary street in Manchester or the East End of London?

What a strange limited little world you must inhabit :-)
"f a person was born on a deserted tropical island & unfortunately lost both parents but survived to adulthood alone with no other human contact would he/she know if they were homosexual or heterosexual, & most of all would it matter ?"

This is a really interesting question. I think it's worth noting that we didn't really have the language of 'homosexuality' or 'heterosexuality' before the nineteenth century.

Prior to this, the concept of a homosexual as a category of person who seeks romantic/sexual relationships just with people of the same gender didn't really exist. People spoke of 'sodomy/sodomites' - but, like all sins, this was something that anyone who became sufficiently corrupted was considered capable of. Athenian society largely seems to have understood sexual relations in terms of 'dominant' and 'subordinate' - the actual sex of the subordinate was unimportant, just so long as the 'dominant' partner was of superior social standing and the subordinate one was of inferior social standing (i.e. a woman or a slave).

These aren't concepts that a human being whose only contact with others had been his (dead) parents would have access to, and the only understanding of sex would be that of animals. Others have noted the strong biological/genetic component in sexual attraction which seems to be evident, but I think the person would have no real concept of sex as we understand it. If he were rescued, he would likely be diagnosed with numerous developmental disorders.

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Coronation Street Stars Warned About Homophobic Abuse.

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