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Coronation Street Stars Warned About Homophobic Abuse.

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anotheoldgit | 15:06 Sun 10th Feb 2013 | News
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Years ago Coronation Street was once a very gay! soap, with laughs and frivolities, but now it seems Gay, Gay and more Gays.

Isn't it a wonder that the Gay lobby haven't issued comments on the way a Gay character in the Street has suddenly turned 'Straight' and is now having a relationship with a female.

I always though that one was born a gay and wasn't for turning, or is this just a myth?


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Coronation Street was conceived and written by a gay man (Tony Warren).

For as far as I can remember, it has been favoured by gay men because it has always featured strong female characters, from Ena Sharples onwards. It was gay before it had gay characters.

I'm disappointed that you seem to have skipped over the actual reason for the story (abuse of staff/stars of the show), but leaving that aside, the question of 'gay from birth' is complex. The majority of gay men I know have never been into women. A minority realised during or after puberty.

It's not a myth. It happens.
not forgetting the millions of genuine bi sexual men and women
1. It's not real
2. The chatacter is bi-sexual
3. Stop watching it if it offends you
4. For some reason 'Gay Lobby' made me smirk
No it's not a myth. You are right in your thinking aog.
Some people are born gay.
Some people are born bi-sexual.
Most people are born straight.

If you are born gay or straight it's very unlikely that you'll ever be 'turned'
As gayness is a lifestyle choice and not a genetic one one can only assume their choices have changed.
Sounds like some of the cast are p1$$ed off with the constant focus on gay characters?
@pdq - You posted this "As gayness is a lifestyle choice and not a genetic one one can only assume their choices have changed."

But the evidence does not support your comment. Human sexuality and orientation is somewhat plastic, so subject to nurture - but for the vast majority of those that are "gay" - that orientation is not a choice, it is detemined by nature - its part of who they are, it is genetic.

I am not up on corrie, so I have no idea which character was once gay and is now straight so cannot comment on that - but that plasticity of human sexuality could very well mean that you have people out there with bi-sexual orientation.

Hasn't the whole 'lifestyle choice' argument been put to bed yet?

Do people still believe that sexuality is a matter of choice - like where one goes on holiday, or whether one chooses to grow a beard?

I genuinely hope you read and respond to this post, because I've never seen a reasonable response to this question:

When did you decide that heterosexuality (if that's your persuasion) was the way you were going to go.

Also, do you think that gay teenagers make a conscious decision to be gay as a 'lifestyle choice' or do you think perhaps...that is a little bit silly?

It would be odd if they were, because there's 66 permanent cast members, of which four play gay characters.

Also, if you think about where the programme is set - it would be odd not to feature gay characters...seeing as Manchester has the third biggest gay district in the country...
If a person was born on a deserted tropical island & unfortunately lost both parents but survived to adulthood alone with no other human contact would he/she know if they were homosexual or heterosexual, & most of all would it matter ?


It would matter very much when they left the desert island and it was time to choose a partner.

It would matter a lot.
And if they didn't leave the island?
sp1814 I appreciate your very sensible answer but in my hypothetical question I am assuming that the person can never leave the island.


Okay - in an environment where there are no other humans, and the person on the desert has had no contact with other sentient beings, their sexuality could be viewed a bit like Schrödinger's cat.

They are simultaneously heterosexual and homosexual. Both states can exist alongside each other until one state is proven/disproved.

I question the merit of the hypothesis, as we are by nature, sociable creatures. We don't live solitary existences without interacting with other humans.

Therefore I don't understand the point of the scenario. They might it know if they were gay or straight, but seeing s they (by living on a desert island) would have no opportunity to experiment, their sexuality is moot.
I think you're just a sucker for a happy ending sp 1814. :P
It is an interesting thought experiment that WR proposes. The evidence to date would suggest that human sexuality is largely shaped by genetics, so they would still have a sexual orientation - just no one to express it with :)
just to add - they might have a gender imposed bias, but absent any other human interaction, they probably would not know about it.....
An adult man who is homosexual will not turn into a heterosexual aog. He may be bi-sexual and capable of being attracted to a woman or he may choose to live a lie, to marry and pretend to be heterosexual.

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Coronation Street Stars Warned About Homophobic Abuse.

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