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Dangers of aged car drivers

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Gromit | 13:30 Sat 11th Aug 2012 | News
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// A judge has urged relatives of elderly drivers to think “very, very carefully” whether they should still be on the road after a 90-year-old retired GP killed another motorist in a head-on collision while on the wrong side of a dual carriageway. //


Should compulsary re-tests be introduced at for example 70?


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I think they should. Maybe a bit older than 70 though. It`s all very PC saying they shouldn`t have to retake their tests but no way has an 80 year old has got fast reactions.
Perhaps compulsary re-tests should be introduced for everybody, say every 10 years, and then every two years for over 80's. Over 70 is a bit too young (says she who is only five years off!!)
That's a good idea. But I wonder how many people are killed or injured by boy racers compared to the number harmed by old motorists?
But although elderly drivers do cause accidents, by comparison with young men it is very few!
Oh hello Sandy, snap.
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Perhaps anyone convicted of a serious motoring offence should also face a compulsary re-test.
I stopped driving when I was around 75 (that's ten years ago). My reasons were, 1. my reactions were getting slower. 2. My eyesight was beginning to get worse. 3. I could not judge distances properly and 4. I could not judge speed accurately - other people's as well as my own. I reckon some if not all of these reasons would apply to most people when they reach 75, or even before. I therefore second Gromit's suggestion that re-tests should be introduced at 70. I should also point out that when I took the test there were far fewer cars on the road and the test itself was far more simple than it is now. Oh, nearly forgot, not so many motorways either.
My mother decided to stop driving at 70, and I think that she was very sensible - she was still a good driver, but the roads were so much busier then and she also had two daughters living close to her, which helped. I used to go out with my father when he retired, he always liked to go out for a drive, usually to the shops, or to walk the dog, and his driving was scarey - my reactions were at least two seconds faster than his. But having said that, my OH is now 75, and still drives better than many motorists considerably younger than himself - so maybe start re-testing drivers at around 76?
I agree with sandy and Lottie.
Most elderly people are quite aware of their limitations.

They choose to do local journeys only, avoiding busy times and fast roads.
"But I wonder how many people are killed or injured by boy racers compared to the number harmed by old motorists"

Statistically speaking both cause the same amount

One might argue that, if as a person who holds a PSV licence, that if PSV and HGV drivers must pass a medical at 45 and every 5 years there after, why should car drivers not have to do the same? After all, you can kill multiple people with a car as well as a bus/lorry. << Devils Advocate

I firmly believe though that once you hit 65, you should at the very least be made to take a sight test and medical and perhaps a reaction test of some kind?
Perhaps foreign drivers should also face a British driving test before they are allowed on our roads?

Nothing to do with age AOG
AOG. I'm driving through France to Italy in September.
Should I have to take a test in both of these countries?
The old guy's 'offence' was no different to those who drive whilst either talking on their mobile or texting etc. Some of those have also resulted in horrendous accidents - this one's simply highlighted because of the age of the old guy.

It is an accepted fact that older drivers are generally a lot safer behind the wheel than younger generations. This, though tragic, should no more result in the elderly being banned from driving than many thousands of teenagers and younger drivers.
Agree with Hopkirk. Besides, if I stop driving at 70 and want to continue living where I do (and I do want to) I won't be able to go anywhere. I actually consider myself quite a good driver. Can keep up with roadspeeds, am alert and have never had an accident or points.

At 80 I will probably have to reconsider, although my neighbour at 84 drives and drives very well.
And older drivers don't usually suffer from road rage and are more courteous on the roads
I'm sure my dad had to do some sort of re-test when he was 80.
Dad still drives at 84 and Mum at 81, trust them both.

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Dangers of aged car drivers

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