Taliban Suspected Of Poison Attack

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Philtaz | 12:59 Wed 23rd May 2012 | News
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at a school in Afghanistan.

Why are we trying to negotiate with them? Whilst British and Coalition troops are dying on a weekly basis it's obvious what this country will revert to when the troops have left, as Karzai has already allowed legislation that will further repress women in the country and will continue to see them treated as second class citizens.


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Here are the 8 initial posts from the thread that I mistakenly started in the Music section:

I didn't realise we had invaded their country in order bring them a better life.

who's next on your list of countries to "Save"

Syria? Iran? North Korea?
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Didn't realise I'd posted nor even mentioned a list of countries to 'Save', jth.

British and Coalition troops are there in an attempt to nullify the Taliban threat, though I doubt there success in the long term. Whilst there though, said troops have been involved in training Afghan police and forces, along with helping provide schools, but I've no doubt you were fully aware of that.
Or maybe you deem the poisoning of children a trivial matter?

Wassup, still smarting over the KK departure/debacle by the tone of your responses to anything I post?

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Should be 'their success', not there.
///Why are we trying to negotiate with them?///

Good question, let me know when you find it out.

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Taliban Suspected Of Poison Attack

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