Body in the Bag-Coroner said 'Unlawfully Killed'

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pdq1 | 17:02 Wed 02nd May 2012 | News
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Interestingly it was thought that for him to enter the bag and lock it then a third person was required. However a Mail reader today came up with an alternative solution. His experience at working at Heathrow Airport amongst the baggage handlers said he could have locked himself in.

The technique he suggested relied on using a pen like object (maybe even a key) inserted into the zip end and run it along the zip to open it. So he could put himself in the bag open the zip from the inside, LOCK IT, then close the zip.

Does this sound feasible?


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I am no expert, but I'd be more concerned with the evidence that do have locked himself in the bag, he would have had to have touched the walls by the bath, and he did not, there was no trace of contact. Add to that the 'third party' DNA on the bag, and it adds up to someone getting away with murder.
But why?

If someone wants to kill themself, surely there are easier ways. I think it defies belief that anyone would do this.
There is a video on YouTube of how to open a sports bag with a biro.....
Still mentally working on second paragraph but if baggage handlers are doing this it explains why I could grow a beard waiting for my cases.
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AH when the investigator entered the flat at that time he would not have suspected a body was in the bag so the DNA could easily have been depositied on the bag more through curiousity than anything else. I assume that DNA could easily be verified.
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Got a link ecclescake?
I understand it has not been elimiated. Any investigating officer would have gloves on before touching anything in what may be a crime scene - it's standard.
I'm trying to find it, a friend emailed it to me ages ago.........
Here we go......although I think zips are directional so it might not work in reverse.....
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Good link ecclescake.

If it was unintended suicide it will get a lot of people off the hook. How was he to know that asphixiation could occur in seconds. His past history of acting like Houdini by chaining himself to the bedposts shows he has form.
Yes that is the method the thieves a Johannesburg airport use to steal from your bags. You don't realize till you get home that your bag has been tampered with.
How interesting.....
Amazing! so that's where my camera went! Bambiagain, if you are still there, I got a very positive response from the very top of DFDS, but so far no result.

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Body in the Bag-Coroner said 'Unlawfully Killed'

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