Three babies born on successive leap years!

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boxtops | 13:03 Sat 03rd Mar 2012 | News
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what's the odds on this....?


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You're link just takes you to an advert. I think the one show said it was 3 billion to one but I could be wrong. They're the only known family in the world ( if it's the same story).
Sorry Boxtops, the link now seems to work and it's a different story. Mine was about a grandfather, father and daughter all being born on 29th Feb.
A baby every 4 years that is rare, it's generally one a year for some these days.
These probability calculations can be very misleading.
What exactly is being quantified?
It depends for starters on when you try to conceive. You could increase your chances significantly by trying to conceive in May. If your husband is in prison or Afghanistan in the relavant May your odds drop to zero.
Are we talking about the odds of all 3 being born on 29th Feb? That gives huge odds. Or are we asking if my first child happens to be born on 29th Feb what is the chance the next 2 will be born on the next two 29th Febs. That gives smaller (but still large) odds

I think the odds are pretty meaningless
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Cheers zacs, I was going to say "scroll down a bit".... LOL AOG, yes I know families like that.

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Three babies born on successive leap years!

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