barack obama got soul

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Zhukov | 23:36 Wed 22nd Feb 2012 | News
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President Obama breaks into Al Green"s - Let"s stay together..,he takes the mike for -Sweet Home Chicago!!..that guy got Soul!

Meanwhile,in the Republican Camp,they"got wind of the singing "bit".." Romney was seen,feebly croaking,"America,America.."

They are "So Lame"!! ;-)


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can't remember a real singing president before.

Does Cameron do performances like this? Apart from the Eton Boating Song.
Thought anyone not a vampire had soul.
I think it's reflections vampires haven't got. I'm pretty sure Obama has one.
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White Men can"t Jump!- DaisyNonna..
Tell that to Joinathan Edwards!
Obama is an extremely good writer. His books are very well written. Churchill would have been impressed.

Now we are finding he is also a good singer.

Unfortunately, he is just an OK president. Fortunately for him, the Republicans seem to want to concede the next election, they only have scary, odd folk as candidates.

So a rendition of James Browns 'I feel good'' may be imenent.
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Yeah..but Johnathan Edwards...that boy need a long run-up!
/// White Men can"t Jump! ///

And Black Men can't swim.

Regarding the 'singing' one has to feel totally embarrassed for him.

Don't change your day job Obama, oh I forgot he soon may have to.
I thought his singing was great.
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Like the man said,"If you put heating in the pool,and heaters on the Hockey"d soon got the best damn Swimming,Diving,Hockey playin"Mofo"s
in the World..and the top 5..all Black Men"! ;-)
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Obama has got plenty on his plate to get on with an prove he should be re-elected. Luckily for him, as Gromit points out, opposition is not exactly going t obe tough. However the Americans are not know for their intellect when it comes to the voting booth.
Eric the Eel won his heat in the olympics!
I think the US has now established a sort of "buggins turn" approach. So it goes 2 terms republican 2 terms Democrat so the republicans will not put up anyone with a chance until it's their turn, or rather anyone with a relistic chance will not even be known until next time. The same happenned the other way round when the Democrats hid their real candidates until they knew Bush was going, ie it was their "turn"
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what.."relistic chance"?..the Republican candidates,are all either Freaks,Morons..sorry..Mormons,or too old and Neo-con Ass-kissers
to the Super rich..
How nicely spoken the 'Left' can be.
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..Mon plaisir..
I never said they had a realistic chance I was just describing what happens.
his singing's fine, aog, and it'll be a miracle if he changes his job any time soon. Politically he is doing moderately well considering the opposition control the House of Representatives (though Clinton did this a lot better).
How can you say that, from his very limited repertoire?

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barack obama got soul

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