European court refuses deportation again.

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rov1100 | 16:56 Thu 16th Feb 2012 | News
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Is this the likely outcome of Cameron and his minister approaching Jordan direct and been given assurances that no torture takes place? If this is the likely outcome what action should we take to deport this scum.

What is the hidden agenda of this European court as it seems when the conditions are met they just change the goal posts?


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The Jordanians have refused to give any assurances (Probably because they do not really want him).

// A Jordanian prince has refused to give assurances over whether radical cleric Abu Qatada would get a fair trial if he were deported to Jordan.

Qatada has been released from jail under strict bail conditions while the Government seeks assurances that evidence gained through torture would not be used in any trial against him if he were sent back. //

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Maybe we should call their bluff and deport him anyway. They can at least say they did try to get the European court see sense but because of their own political motives were fighting a hopeless case.
Maybe I was too subtle in my first answer. They do not want him so they will not give an assurance he will not be tortured. Without that assurance, a British Court will not allow his deportation (under UK law) nevermind a European Court.
Put him in the Big Brother House
Let him loose on the street and with a bit of luck somebody will do us a favour and bump him off.
Rockall - I hear it is very breezy at this time of year.
I've been wandering what would happen if a similar situation had arisen in France or Germany. My own opinion is that he would have quietly been shipped out of the country and that would have been the end of it.
Do you have some link to this?

There is no link because it isn't true.
Oooh hypothetical eh?

Shall we have a thread on

"Would David Cameron be banned from being the England football team manager if he were convicted of raping hedgehogs then?"
I've got a hypothetical - if, for the sake of the argument, Jordan did give their assurance Qatada wouldn't be tortured and therefore in defiance of Europe we sent him to Jordan, what would be the consequences?

I don't have a clue so am genuinely interested!
He will face the justice system in Jordan that he wants for Britain, we will probably be vilified by the liberal left and the European court.

/// France repatriated some 10,000 Roma last year and other European countries, including Germany, Italy, Denmark and Sweden pursued similar policies. ///

They are referring of course to Rumanian Gypsies, I wonder how many we have deported?
/// EUROPEAN judges in Strasbourg can do NOTHING if Britain kicks out Qatada, a Tory MP claimed yesterday. ///

/// Dominic Raab insisted the UK would not face sanctions if it deported the terror suspect to Jordan. ///

/// Mr Raab, the MP for Esher and Walton in Surrey, stressed that other countries — including Italy — have defied the European Court of Human Rights in the past. ///

/// He said: "Britain should deport Qatada and ignore Strasbourg. The Supreme Court said it was legal. There is no risk of a fine, because Strasbourg doesn't have the power. ///

/// "No country has ever been kicked out of the Council of Europe. And the Committee of Ministers that reviews ECHR rulings passed a resolution last year warning the Strasbourg Court to stop meddling in deportation cases." ///

/// Tory MPs have stressed that ITALY defied Strasbourg after it ruled in 2009 that crucifixes should not be displayed in school classrooms. ///

//// Last year, European judges overturned that decision and insisted crucifixes did not breach the rights of non-Catholics. In 2007, Strasbourg rapped FRANCE for defying European Court rulings by using a fast-track deportation of asylum seekers with no documents. ///

/// France also snubbed European judges' rulings by pressing ahead with the forced removal of immigrants convicted of serious crimes who were long-term residents. ///

/// In several cases, France was found to have breached the immigrants' right to family life. ///

If they can do it, then why can't we?
Good question, aog ! We should try it. Nothing is going happen to us. Nobody interferes when we refuse entry to someone, or sends them back if they have got in briefly 'because their presence is not in the best interests of the United Kingdom', as the stock expression has it. That power is exercised peremptorily in cases where the 'presence' would present no threat to security . One example was an American TV show presenter who was convicted there of insider trading. Another, years ago, was of George Raft, an actor who was suspected of having Mafia connections.
Romas deported from France present a theoretical problem for France. If Romanian, thay have the right to move freely within the EU, so it's difficult to see how they can be prevented from returning, but I doubt whether Sarkozy cares much about that!
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Because of our posturing we have painted Jordan as a lawless ungovernable state. If we cannot accept the words of its elected representatives or even its King what hope is there for good future relations with that country?

AOG has already stated the proof that we need to send him packing.

Maybe we could be generous and pay for air tickets so that his family can go to Jordan and keep him company.

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European court refuses deportation again.

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