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Amanda Knox Conrad Murray

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joggerjayne | 20:17 Tue 27th Sep 2011 | News
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Well, I studied enough of the Amanda Knox case to be convinced that Amanda and Rafaelle's conviction was the most disgusting media hatchet job, and miscarriage of justice.

And now, Conrad Murray has gone on trial.

Is he the victim of a frenzied media and public, who cannot accept that Jacko pressed the self destruct button years ago? Or is he a cunning murderer?


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Weren't there always Dr Feelgoods for the rich and famous in the USA? A dead patient/client must be an occupational hazard.
Question Author
Good point, Sandy.

LB ...

I can't recall what the phone company's evidence was.

But here is the bottom line.

I was wrong about how long the bra clasp had been on the floor. It wasn't 3 weeks ... it was 47 days ... 6 weeks and 5 days !

During that time, it should have been in a sterile DNA analysis bag, in a lab. But it was being trampled (literally) around Amanda's flat. It was contaminated, and worthless.

So why was it collected at all?

Well, after 47 days of investigation, the Prosecution had a MAJOR problem.

Despite claiming that Raf and Amanda had been having sex with Meredith in Meredith's bedroom, and had been involved in a violent murder in the same room ... there was ABSOLUTELY NO DNA whatsoever from Raf or Amanda.

Not a scrap.

Not even a teeny, weeny bit.

There was only one possible conclusion ... and only one ...


That is the ONLY possible conclusion.

The Prosecution had to re-evaluate their case, admit that they had made a mistake, and release Raf and Amanda.

But Prosecutor Mignini couldn't do that.

He had pinned his reputation on this ludicrous "satanic sex game" fantasy.

They simply HAD to make this one stick, even though it was now clear that Raf and Amanda had not been the room where Meredith died.

They desperately hunted for evidence against Raf and Amanda. But they found nothing.

And then ... Ah Haaaaaaahh !!

The bra clasp !

"But it has been in Amanda's apartment for the last six weeks. And it was picked up without observing the strict procedures for DNA evidence."

"No matter. Let's gloss over that."

And so, Mignini held another press conference announcing that they had found DNA on the bra clasp.

The tabloid Press were delighted.

The independant experts on appeal have demonstrated that the traces of DNA on the bra clasp were so miniscule as to be significantly below the level required by a Court.

What it showed was that neither Raf, nor Amanda, had ever touched Meredith's bra clasp.

So ...

(1) Whoever hacked off Meredith's bra clasp, it was neither Raf, nor Amanda.

(2) Whoever was in Meredith's room, it was neither Raf, nor Amanda.
this is an excellent post, jj, i am amazed at the amount of information you possess, certainly much more than i have read /heard about in the media.
And yet she was found guilty at her trial by people who must have known what you have told us about Mignini. Playing Devil's Advocate here JJ,not disbelieving you.

Anne, JJ has read about a zillion books on the subject.
Question Author
Why, thank you, anne.

I suppose the media just print enough to grab their readers' attention, and sell a few more copies.

Very few papers printed any detailed reports of the evidence. The Guardian did, but I've read a bit more than the newspaper reports.

It just made me shudder as soon as I read that another case was being handled by Gulio Mignini.

What really hit me was that Raf and Amanda were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and fell prey to this lunatic Mignini's perverted imagination. And I thought, crikey ... that could happen to any one of us (or, at least, those of us who go to Italy from time to time).

Well, it's nice of you to think of it as "possessing information".

Others might describe it as being a bit anal!

Anyway, be good. I'm off to curl up in bed.

Love, J x
Question Author
Okay ... one last post.


One of Mignini's tactics is simple intimidation.

When Amanda said she had made her "Lamumba statement" under pressure, Mignini sued her for defamation.

When Amanda's dad spoke to the media, and said he believed she was innocent, Mignini sued Amanda's dad for defamation.

When the Appeal expert said the DNA evidence was flawed, Mignini's original lab analyst sued him for defamation.

Quite simply, if you ever suggest that Gulio Mignini is wrong, he will have you in Court.

And trust me ... being in Court with Gulio Mignini is NOT somewhere you want to be.

He has a track record of arresting at least 41 innocent people.

If the original Trial jury had acqutted Raf and Amanda, Mignini would have found a way to pin something on them, or on their families. There was no way they would have dared to disagree with Mignini.

If I'd been on that jury, I think even I would have returned a guilty verdict, before fleeing from Mignini's clutches.

Okay ... really goodnight now.


Okay ... night now.
I believe knox to be an evil woman guilty as charged. I only wish her and her cohort had received the death penalty. My heart goes out to merediths family.I sincerely hope these 2 evil people dont manage to squirm out of it .
I have followed this very closely over the years. My verdict - She is guilty as hell. Re-introduce hanging now so she has no more chance to waste court time.
Well the Amanda Knox appeal verdict is due this evening but somehow, whatever the judgement, I don't think there will be too many people on here who will change their minds. JJ will still believe she is innocent if she loses her appeal and griffin and teddy won't believe her innocent if she wins, at least I don't think so.
I am undecided, it's no good saying she is 100 percent innocent/guilty, because none of us were there, and no matter how much you read, watch tv news, its a very hard case to call. Some things haven't added up from the very beginning, parts of Amanda Knox's behaviour, and certainly comments were off the scale of normal, after such a gruesome murder.
I feel desperately sorry for the parents of Meredith Kercher, they must have gone through and are still going through hell.
I am undecided too em. JJ has read a load of books on it and followed the case closely so I take seriously what she says. I've never felt confident of AK's innocence though. Good job I'm not on the jury I'd probably still be prevaricating. Ditto re Kercher's family.

BTW got the In the Loop video and realised I had already seen it. Doh. Watched it again though and enjoyed it.
vetdict still out
I am undecided on whether she is guilty, however JJ's 'evidence' to the contrary is very convincing and I am now more swayed to believed Knox is innocent.

When it comes to Conrad Murray, I do not believe for a minute he murdered Jackson. I believe he probably found himself in a situation with an addict that spiralled out of control, to the point of no return. I believe he then simply tried to cover his tracks but I don't believe he wanted to kill Jackson.
Well that isn't totally surprising.
it's horrible, the circus that surrounds this case is only going to get worse, books, tv, and a film will follow.

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Amanda Knox Conrad Murray

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