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Are ABers so different from the General Public ?

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modeller | 10:38 Sun 18th Sep 2011 | News
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Todays survey on the party leaders shows that most people think as follows:

Cameron : Determined ,Competent,Ruthless.
Ed Miliband : Out of his depth .Weird, Lucky.
Nick Clegg : Weak, Calculating, Indecisive.

I wonder why these opinions are so different from many/most of us ABers.
You need to read the whole article to see the pros and cons and how, where and when the survey was carried out, but I for one don't agree with any of them.



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I don't know much about David Miliband . Can anyone tell me how David would differ from his brother ?
Stronger, to the point, firm, positive.
stronger, more politically astute, aware, and a far better speaker. Ed'a whiny tones put people off, and he does waffle, he reminds me of the welsh windbag kinnock.
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I never liked Kinnock , Blair or Ted Heath ! They had one thing in common they smiled too much . I don't trust politicians who smile all the time . They can never be trusted.
As these leaders have so much influence and so much power we need to change the system so that the public can vote for a leader. Since President Blair we have seen a new twist in politics especially global events.
EM10 I'm with you same hymnbook same page same song
So Modeller you judge the leaders of our country on how much they smile?

Presumably you were a big fan of Gordon Brown then?

Or was that not enough smiling?

Is it a Goldilocks thing you have going on there?
Question Author
I would certainly trust Brown more than the other three. What he said, he believed in, and carried it out . The others assure you of their sincerity with a smile and put the knife in as soon as your back was turned. They are false and shallow.

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Are ABers so different from the General Public ?

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