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Are ABers so different from the General Public ?

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modeller | 10:38 Sun 18th Sep 2011 | News
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Todays survey on the party leaders shows that most people think as follows:

Cameron : Determined ,Competent,Ruthless.
Ed Miliband : Out of his depth .Weird, Lucky.
Nick Clegg : Weak, Calculating, Indecisive.

I wonder why these opinions are so different from many/most of us ABers.
You need to read the whole article to see the pros and cons and how, where and when the survey was carried out, but I for one don't agree with any of them.



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Clegg, out of his depth,
Milliband, whiny no hoper
Cameron tougher than he looks
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I agree with em.
I tend to generalise. They are politicians, hence they are liars.
purveyors of untruths i would rather say. But out of the three
i know who i would stick my money on.
Cameron, does not know what life is like from behind his silver spoon.
Clegg, riding on the back of a donkey & wishing the donkey falls.
Miliband, wants to start listening to the people.
I am generally a Tory voter/supporter, but find Cameron a bit too weak and wishy washy (what the hell was the "bog society" about)

I rarely if ever support Labour but I have been impressed by Ed Milliband.

It takes a lot of guts to stand up at a Union conference and tell them they were wrong to strike about pensions.

I would rather have Milliband leading the Tories than Cameron.
wrong milliband got the job
Whops I meant "Big Society".

Although after the recent riots and looting maybe what we have is a Bog Society".
Cameron determined?

I know the Telegraph is a loyal Tory Rag but that's stretching it

How many U turns?

Well here's 10 to be going on with

A survey by Lord Ashcroft the former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party found the Conservatives doing well. Not really a surprise is it?

I would like to see an independent poll before I believe these results.
Assuming these results do reflect the public, my personal reactions are certainly pretty out of whack with them. My responses would be:

Cameron: Average, vacuous
Clegg: [agreed with the public, with the shamelessly smug addition that unlike most of them, I was saying it about him from the very start.]
Miliband: Average, nobody
Cameron is struggling to work with a disability. It's called Clegg!
Cameron: Determined to clean up the mess but wishing he didn't have to start from here.
Milliband: Wrong brother (but best for the Conservatives).
Clegg: Struggling and looks miserable, but likeable unlike Ed.
Question Author
Gromit That was my first reaction but he used dozens of focus groups and two independant opinion polls. So I don't think you are being fair to him.

I think Cameron is probably the best PM out of the three at the moment
but in the things that matter to me, crime and the EU , he is a dead loss.
On the other hand the other two are worse.

I like Ed and I believe he has the guts to stand up for what he believes in.
Whether he can really lead a Labour party is doubtful.

Nick is what he is, a wishy washy liberal, but is making a pretty good job of standing up for his beliefs within the coalition .
Question Author
jake I've read your 10 u-turns with interest but I feel the Newstatesman is rather scrapping the bottom of the barrel. What they have written could be levelled against all parties. T
ABers are fine people (I'm one :-) ) but we don't represent a reliable sociological sample of Britain. For example I doubt if there are many Muslims on here. If there were I don't think some of the frankly outrageous comments I've just been reading on an adjacent thread would be tolerated ...
Question Author
ichkera. You are right as per my question 'Are ABers so different from the General Public ?' and if the survey is correct we may not be in tune with the majority. However in the News we do argue our point of view in quite a forthright manner and in so doing I think we learn a lot.
I'm not sure about Muslims . We do have some ( about 10% maybe ) and they make valuable contributions.
Cameron, Salads Chef
Milliband, also a Salads Chef but for different reasons cos he is weird
Clegg, who?
ditto em10 and yes david should have got it

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