Regular Army or TA?

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J-DAM10 | 19:44 Tue 26th Jul 2011 | News
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It was announced the other day that aswel as the current number of soldiers being made redundant, the SDSR in fact, calls for an EXTRA 5000 troops to be cut by 2015 and between 2015-2020, another 8000. The Governments grand plan is that while reducing the number of FULLY TRAINED, PROFFESSIONAL soldiers, they can increase the budget for the reserves and the TA, of which only about 10% attend the weekly meetings and are fit to deploy. Surely, it would make more sense to completely cut the budget for the TA and reserves, and to use some of that budget to put towards the regular forces. The remainder of that budget could go towards another useful cause such as the NHS or education. This Government however, would probably use the majority of the money to buy marbles for third world countries.


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Well buying marbles for the third world sounds a better option than buying bullets for high school failures in uniforms
At least the 'high school failures' have the guts to put on the uniform!
And the guts to do stuff like this too


so proud!
'Seven soldiers faced a court martial at Bulford Camp in Wiltshire on war crimes charges relating to the receptionist's death. All but one were cleared on all counts in March 2007.'
Year there's a lot of clearing going on in military courts isn't there?

: 'Camp Breadbasket' - in February, 2005, three NCOs and a soldier from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers were convicted over the abuse of alleged Iraqi looters at a supply depot after pictures of civilians tied up and humiliated were passed to the police.

:: Paras Accused of Murder - seven soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment were cleared in November, 2005, of beating to death teenager Nadhem Abdullah. Blood from the victim was found on one of the men's weapons but a judge called the evidence weak and vague.

:: Abuse Video - nine soldiers from the Light Infantry were questioned after amateur video was leaked to the News of the World in February, 2006, showing Iraqi civilians being roughed up inside a British base after rioting in Al-Amarah. The Army Prosecuting Authority ruled there was insufficient evidence to mount a prosecution.

:: Drowning Claim - three Irish Guards were cleared of manslaughter by a Court Martial in Colchester. It was claimed they had forced non-swimmer Ahmed Jabber Kareem to his death in a canal as punishment for looting. No body was ever found.

:: Baha Mousa - the Basra hotel receptionist died while in British Army custody. Six soldiers, including Col George Mendonca, the Commanding Officer of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment were cleared after a five month trial. One defendant was jailed for a year after admitting the war crime of prisoner abuse.
Hi J-DAM10,

I think the TA already have a lot of potential and there are some excellent units in the UK made up with people who have a lot of skills / qualifications to offer but I see your point.
Jake-the-peg, Firstly, I am not a high school failure, but chose to join the Army because it is a highly proffessional outfit that boasts a very diverse range of jobs, I wanted to do something meaningful and worthwhile with my life and I wanted to serve and protect the country I love along with the people within it. It is people like you that make me question the later. How dare you call our brave, devoted and proffessional service men and women 'high school failures' when they risk and sometimes give their lives to help protect and serve our once proud nation. People that criticise the Armed forces by making ludacris comments such as yours, are only one thing, Cowards. There is no evidence or backbone behind it whatsoever. My close friends that have died on operations would be turning in their grave and their families would be devostated by your outrageous comment!!! Unpatriotic, ignorent and shallow individual.
lokerz1, you will always get your 'armchair critic's' on forums like this who know everything but done nothing, just ignore these idiots.
Unfortunately, when the forces sign to uphold the norms, & support the British way of life, inherent in this is the right of people like lookerz1 to spout their inane, and unsustantiated drivel.. As you know, they know everything about nothing, but still have an opinion on it. keep head down when in a fire zone!!!
Sorry, lookerz1, my mistake, others anoying in their statement..
Please explain nibble
jake-the-peg reminds me of the phrase 'every man thinks meanly of himself for never having been a soldier'.

Those so vehement in their disparaging remarks are usually the type who could never even summon the courage to walk through a recruiting office door.
exdc ...As stated, when people sign on with the Forces, the agreement is to uphold the freedom of speech, and actions for people (as long as it is lawful within the Geneva Conventions/English Common Law), irrespective of wether we personally agree with their views. As such I whole-heartedly agree with you, and what you state.
Sorry nibble. i posted near the same as your second answer, soz
*the same time*
No problem, we all think the same, i.e we'll disagree with some of the comments the ill-informed make at times, but we'll uphold their right to say it. Thanks for your support.

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