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Is this the daftest sign you have ever seen?

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anotheoldgit | 16:04 Thu 21st Jul 2011 | News
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For the amount of council taxpayers money that it cost to provide and erect this sign, they could have tarmacked over this piece of grass.

It would save them mowing this patch if nothing else.


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I doubt its the daftest, but pretty close.
You couldn't make it up!
lol, that's fantastic
i reckon, and having procured such signposts previously, that it would cost around £180 for that signpost.

maybe it is daft, but hardly worth getting over excited about.
I think they have a nerve to call it 'grass' - it looks more like a load of weeds.{:o((
not excited, but what twerp decided it was a good idea.
a traveller could have done a decent tarmac job for around £20.
"Doc, I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home.'"
"That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome." "Is it common?"
Well, "It's Not Unusual."
Not strictly 'a sign', but I prefer this one.
Ankou a traveller would have parked his van on it and claimed squatters rights.
I don't know, I think there may be a benefit to it. I think most would smile at the absurdity - and how often can you say a local council has made you smile?
It probably comes close.

I personally like this one:-
Councillor Stephen Alambritis added: "...The sign has been there for years and it’s out of date."
Maybe there was a substantial area of grass before the dropped kerbs were added each side? In which case, of course, the Council would have saved money by simply leaving it there.
Maybe it's a sign for the fairies or little people as the space would be quite large to them :-)
This is key:

///The council leader, Councillor Stephen Alambritis added: "The council is proud of its parks and green open spaces but clearly a sign like this on a piece of grass so small doesn’t make any sense. The sign has been there for years and it’s out of date."///

I think the sign may have been on a larger strip of grass which had been eventually tarmacked - possibly to stop people parking up on it. Still mad of course, but you can see how it may have happened.
And dont forget that 6 council workers were despatched to erect the sign , taking them a day to complete
Sorry for the cross-post Rojash.
probably tarmaced by a traveller for £50

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