Daily Mail and Junk Mail

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RebelSouls | 15:42 Tue 05th Jul 2011 | News
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Anyone else think it is strange that The Mail will not allow comments on this article


I wanted to point out that the BBC sent out over 70 million letters in 2009
and most of them will have gone straight in the bin


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unusual for you to post about the BBC!
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Welcome back MrR1
The Daily Mail and Junk Mail
Is this a "spot the difference" question ??
excuse me?

What is it about "Add your comments" that you don't follow?
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Thank you jno they must have read my email along with all my friends as they had blocked people from posting

Once again thank you
There are messages there already. There is sometimes a delay before they appear.
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Gromit all day it had a message saying Comments disabled for this article
who paid for those 70 million letters? or am i missing something. Our junk mail goes in the recycling bin, that goes for all the tat inside magazines, newspapers, endless rubbish.

Hang on - check with some other stories...sometimes (and I don't know why) the Mail suspends the addition of comments. Perhaps they're taking backups, or performing digital 'housekeeping' rather than trying to block specific comments.
I've just added comments to the Mail article on Junk Mail.
Direct Mail is a highly measured and accountable marketing device. Generally, organisations using it are measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) very precisely - so as a rule of thumb, if it is happening, it must be working by generating more than it is costing.

99 people's junk mail is one person's useful info that becomes a purchase - and job done.

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Daily Mail and Junk Mail

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