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Why do the royal family wear military uniforms at weddings?

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VHG | 06:42 Sat 30th Apr 2011 | News
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While watching the wedding yestereday I noticed all (or most) of the royal family were wearting military uniforms.

I know many of them are in (or linked) with bracnhes of the military, but why does that mean they have to wear the uniform.

I am sure many serving soldiers and sailers get married in a normal suit and tie, so why do they royals wear a uniform.

Seems a shame that on a "peaceful" day we have to be reminded of war.

(No doudt some people will say they looked dashing but it is still a reminder of war)


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I don't think it looks 'dashing' it looks comical. Dressed up like a xmas tree, and for what? what have they done to deserve these medals they wear?
I should think (and I don't know much about why or how medals are given) that they have done what ever they received the medal for? I noticed, during the small bit I did watch, that Harry and William wore different medals yesterday. Do you not get a medal for tours of duty?

Personally I think they look daft. A peoples wedding? People do not wear such puff and pompous outfits to their weddings
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Thanks redhelen
I think military people are very proud of wearing their uniforms and so they should be, I don't see it as a reminder of war at all., I just think how smart they look.

If I was in the military I would certainly wear my uniform to get married.
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No doubt if they hadn't of worn their uniforms then there would have been loads of people moaning this morning about them disrespecting everyone in the military and so on.

They are in the public eye, it's a public event so whatever they do some people will find something to moan about.
Those in uniform are serving leaders of Her Majesty's forces. Catherine wed a serviceman albeit Prince William. The Forces pledge to serve Queen & country.
this is part of the spectacle of royalty; it would have been a lot duller if they'd all turned up in ordinary suits (much less T-shirts). Charles looked OTT, I thought, sword and all, but nothing wrong with William and Harry, they're both servicemen.
I've been to quite a few weddings involving serving members of the armed forces (the grooms) and they were all proud to wear their uniforms as they are entitled to do. Let's not forget it's really a reminder of 'defence' not war - subtle difference.

As CF said there was nothing about yesterday that somebody hasn't moaned about.
This may explain HRH The Prince of Wales' regalua and appendages...

// Charles' first honorary appointment was as Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Regiment of Wales in 1969; since that time, the Prince has also been installed as Colonel-in-Chief, Colonel, Honorary Air Commodore, Air Commodore-in-Chief, Deputy Colonel-in-Chief, Royal Honorary Colonel, Royal Colonel, and Honorary Commodore of at least 36 military formations throughout the Commonwealth. He is also the commander of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, which is the only foreign regiment in the British army.
Charles has also been the recipient of a number of honours and awards from various countries. He has been inducted into eight orders and received five decorations from amongst the Commonwealth realms, and has been the recipient of 17 different appointments and decorations by foreign states, as well as nine honorary degrees from universities in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. //
I've seen my boy in a suit...........and I have seen him in his dress Army uniform.
He looks infinitely more handsome in his uniform, and I say that as someone who is utterly biased, anyway.........
Prince Edward wore civvies at his wedding as he resigned from the services.
/// Personally I think they look daft. A peoples wedding? People do not wear such puff and pompous outfits to their weddings ///

Would you say that Brides should not wear such 'puff and pompous outfits' also?

I think it is rather strange to say that the uniforms are a reminder of war, would you say that the all the Horse Guards and all the Foot Guards should not have worn uniforms.

Perhaps taking it to the extremes the police should not have worn uniforms, because this was a reminder of all the crime on our streets?

I thought it a snub to the Royal Air Force and the Army Air Corps (which both William and Harry serve in), for them to wear the uniforms of the Irish Guards and the Blues and Royals.

What wasn't necessary was for Beckham to wear his OBE, no one else wore such honours, he also wore it on his right lapel when it should be wore on the left, utter bad taste.
Sour, sour, sour as usual, AOG..............
Question Author
>> it's a public event so whatever they do some people will find something to moan about.

I was not moaning about it, I was just wondering why they wore their uniforms.
Beckham looked very smart. William wore the right ceremorial uniform for a civil occassion. If it had been a military function, then AOG's may well have a point - but it wasn't.

AOG, you do live up to your moniker sometimes.
because most milatary do.
I wonder how many people would have flown in from different countries and stood for hours to watch a royal wedding without all the pomp and ceremony.
It's tradition and thats what makes the Royals so royal.

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Why do the royal family wear military uniforms at weddings?

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