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Why do the royal family wear military uniforms at weddings?

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VHG | 06:42 Sat 30th Apr 2011 | News
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While watching the wedding yestereday I noticed all (or most) of the royal family were wearting military uniforms.

I know many of them are in (or linked) with bracnhes of the military, but why does that mean they have to wear the uniform.

I am sure many serving soldiers and sailers get married in a normal suit and tie, so why do they royals wear a uniform.

Seems a shame that on a "peaceful" day we have to be reminded of war.

(No doudt some people will say they looked dashing but it is still a reminder of war)


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the ridiculous number of titles this lot seem to give themselves is a farce - the whole lot of them a joke. Before this wedding i was very much of the opinion that they were a tourist attraction that could for the most part be ignored or laughed at but now I'm just sick of them and their smarmy corrupt lifestyles.

They were the uniforms to further distance themselves from the commoners - when in actually fact they would do better if they tried to be just a bit more relevant

Why do you always have to end by being abusive, there is just no need for it.

This is a debating site and I along with others, should be free to enter into debate, without snide comments being aimed at them, such as those you periodically dish out..

/// Beckham looked very smart. ///

Could I add that your statement about Beckham was irrelevant, his smartness was not in question, only on his decision to wear his OBE and incorrectly at that.
To answer your original questions!!

VGH they don't "have" to wear uniforms, They do it with pride and correctly so.

I know that many serving soldiers choose to get married in uniform and some don't, They have a choice!
VHG, you appear to be the only one that is reminded of war. Very negative view if you me!!

Someone sounds a little bitter!!

Judging by yesterday's turnout it would seem that you are thankfully in the minority.
// Gromit , Why do you always have to end by being abusive //

My observation was not abusive
// AOG, you do live up to your moniker sometimes. //

Unless antheoldgit is itself is meant to be abusive, which I had always assumed it wasn't.

BTW: Beckham very quickly put his OBE on the correct lapel.
What a dull affair it would have looked had they all turned up in lounge suits.
Maybe you would have preferred the Horse Guards to have been all dressed in denims.
it is only tradition to wear it on the left, not law!
The pomp and tradition and uniforms of the armed forces are so important, the end result of training and discipline.

Just one query....when Kate emerged from the car outside the Abbey, she was saluted.........why?
AOG - if you are going to judge whether the majority of people think the royals a rubbish based on turn out yesterday then I'm afraid i would win... as I'm sure you'll agree many more people didn't 'turn out' then did.

I say we need another referendum - yes or no
"I say we need another referendum - yes or no"

Yes, you do keep saying that.
IggyB....if one had a referendum for every contentious issue then one would spend one's whole time having referendi.

At the moment the UK have decided not to have this method of Government.........but i am sure that they will consider your request.
What I want to know is, why do they sing the national anthem? What's that got to do with a wedding ceremony?
Tizzi....a ceremonial occasion, both Royal and religious. in the presence of the ruling monarch.
I'm not saying a referendum for every contentious issue - just this one! I'm afraid I'm having one of those I'm right everyone else is wrong moments that are so popular here in the news section usually - scum savages barbarians hangings too good for the lot of them really can't stand the royals.

<<<< scum savages barbarians hangings too good for the lot of them really can't stand the royals.>>>

Well, that has blown your chance of an OBE ;-)
-- answer removed --
I'd like a definition of "scum,savages,barbarians" as it relates to the Royal family......

....there is worse in any city centre on a Saturday night.
I know who I'd spend time with.
JTH I was not aware that you had a son in the services I bet you are so proud of him as I would be, any chance of a pic of him in uniform ? Ron.
scum: A layer of dirt that raises to the surface / top (no further explanation required)
barbarian: A person devoid of all refinement (Prince Philip? Prince Harry?)
savages: ferocious, violent (they owe their power to the violent actions of their dearly departed ancestors)

last ones a bit tenuous but you have to give it to be on the scum raising to the surface one!
aog, I was told William's most senior appointment is the Irish Guards, hence his decision to wear that uniform. I don't think the other servies will feel too suicidal about it.

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Why do the royal family wear military uniforms at weddings?

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