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Libya: Are We Doing The Right Thing?

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AB Editor | 09:32 Tue 29th Mar 2011 | News
36 Answers
We'd like to measure the general feelings The AnswerBank has about the current intervention in Libya. We'd also like to know what you think the goals should be now that we're involved.

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Should the UK have got involved in the intervention in Libya?

  • Yes, it is important to protect civilians from tyrants. - 17 votes
  • 41%
  • No, we should stay out of others' business - 13 votes
  • 32%
  • Yes, in the long term it may provide more stability in the region. - 6 votes
  • 15%
  • No, we simply can't afford it! - 5 votes
  • 12%

As the UK is already involved in the Libya intervention, what should be our main goal?

  • No fly zone & air support only. - 15 votes
  • 42%
  • Regime change. - 12 votes
  • 33%
  • Full peace-keeping & security for the civilian populace. - 9 votes
  • 25%

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Bobbi, I believe Libya can unite. Here is an ethnic map of Libya: Ethnic Map of Libya From Wikipedia
possibly ED but under whose Leadership?, there is nothing in place for the aftermath of this conflict
Zimbabweans wanted change too but we didn`t help them. The country was part of the Commonwealth too. It seems to me that we only help countries to change when they are oil producing countries and prefereably Islamic. I also don`t think we are sure of the people we are supporting. I agree Gadaffi is a despot but there are many despots around the world. Who are we clearing the way for by wiping him out? Do we have any idea? We could be clearing the way for Islamic fundamentlism to sweep across North Africa and elsewhere. Some of us are faced with the reprisals in our working lives due to our involvement. Only time will tell if we are doing the right thing.
*Gaddafi" whoops should get his name right really shouldn`t I?
oooo I just googles 'democratic elections in Lybia and got this hit:
ed/spare ed. what do you do with this data ?
If we had a popular and peaceful uprising in UK and occupied city centres, disrupted fuel depots etc, the government of the day would invoke emergency powers and clear the streets. Any resistance would be met with progressive force. Just imagine if Russia and China tried to impose a no fly zone to neutralise the oppression of the people. We should have kept our noses out of Libya and let them work it out themselves.
AB Editor

/// Will they? How do you know? They may only fight soldiers & the army, why would the attack civilians (unless they're attacked first?) ///

I think you are being a little naive Ed, they do not fight to a set of rules as we do, take Iraq for instance, they are still blowing each other up

Once Gaddafi is out of the way, the rebels will hunt down and slaughter anyone who has supported him, civilian or not.
I said right at the very beginning of this that the AL should be seen to lead the way, even the 'rebels' could possibly turn turtle on the West's intervention when thing quieten down and what about the Yemen and Syria in this domino effect? it has already been said that we haven't enough pilots now due to defence cuts, do we go to these other two countries too?
Many of the rebels are carrying both the flag and pictures of King Idris.........he successfully united Libya from its separate 'regions' and always had very close ties with UK.

It would be a relief to see Libya return to democratic rule with a regime, once more, inclined to be friends with UK, so perhaps our present involvement may serve us well in the long run ?
UK is part of UN Forces and thereby involved by association
tambo......UK is part of Nato forces, not UN.
What concerns me most is the way our politicians since and including Blair seem to want to get involved in Middle East countries affairs. They have different religions and customs to ourselves, the majority of its citizens hate the West; it puts enormous strain on our countrys finances and breeds inner turmoil on the multicultural inhabitants who now live here.

An outsider would conclude that we are an aggressive war fighting nation with ulterior motives as we do not treat each skirmish equally.

The likely outcome from our involvement will be a stalemate without a winner in Libya. Gaddafi can make Tripoli a fortress city, his tanks will no longer be able to quell the rebels who won't have the arms to remove him so what in the end have we achieved?
-- answer removed --
Cam was probs a Captain in the TAs Stevie, no offence to those wonderful folk who serve in that regiment, does it still exist btw?
ED - "The second part requests an answers based on the fact we're already "in"...."

Yes, but why isn't there an option for us to un-involve ourselves? Why is it assumed we have to stay 'in'? Can't we have a 'Get out now' option?

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Libya: Are We Doing The Right Thing?

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