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Foreign Aid of 9 billion pounds 2010 ringfenced ?

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jednbutter | 09:47 Tue 08th Jun 2010 | Politics
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The Foreign aid budget is set at 9 billion pounds for 2010 and now it is ring fenced, do you believe that Britain can afford such a massive budget to give away to other countries, where many believe that up to 90% of some budgets are not spent where intended.
Do you feel that Britain should be the priority and once our massive debts are repaid then we could once again start funding a foreign aid programme, and do the benefits of foreign aid outway the cost.

Your views please.


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Much of British foreign aid is spent on education

If Western Governments don't help teach kids in 3rd world countries I think we know the sort of people that will.

That's a real good investment
Question Author
Jake,,how about educating the kids in the U.K ?
We send aid to China............they are a communist regime with an appaling human rights record. We send aid to India..........they have a space programme, we don't.
I say let's look after our own needs and when that is perfect, help the rest.
Charity begins at home......why should we send money abroad when our own finances are in such a mess

Surely things like this should be top of the list in the Governments cuts?
Question Author
McMouse i agree and to be honest i did not realise it was such a vast amount, 9000 million pounds is a hell of a big chunk of ££££,,that could be a big part of our debt paid back, and over five years that would be nearly a quarter, plus if we lowered our payments to the EEC we could almost repay our debts without Britain feeling to much pain.
Yes we should help the poor of this planet but for gods sake lets start at home first !
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9000 million pounds sent to aid Foreign countries,,,omg thats one hell of alot of uk tax payers money.

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Foreign Aid of 9 billion pounds 2010 ringfenced ?

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