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Jeremy Corbyn's Eyesight

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drmorgans | 15:57 Wed 30th Oct 2019 | Politics
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Does Jeremy Corbyn have a problem with his eyesight? I have noticed a couple of times recently that his glasses have one lens (the right I think) slightly obscured or frosted.


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He has indeed, can't read the writing on the wall.
Question Author

I was expecting, "blind to the shortcomings of socialism", but it was a serious question.
you don't hate corbyn as much as you need the NHS.
I don't pay much attention to his glasses, or what he says for that matter.
He has muscle weakness in his right eye, being treated at Moorfields Eye Hospital.
Question Author

It wasn't meant as a snipe against Corbyn. I was just curious. Thanks for the information.

Wonder if that’s why he tilts his head to one side when talking?
That's to look sincere
Hopkirk you are right. I hate that sincere look of his and his whispering condescending voice. Sorry off topic, but that man freaks me out.
They are all coached to within an inch of their lives.

The other day some image flunky snatched a cup of coffee from Boris, in case he was photographed with a disposable single use cup
I don't think Boris cares much about his image though!

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Jeremy Corbyn's Eyesight

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