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There's Only One Thing Worse

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teacake44 | 18:26 Mon 21st Oct 2019 | Politics
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Apart from the complete mess and obstruction these idiots are delivering too the people of this country, as regards to leaving the EU, the thorn in my side, is to see Bercow with that silly smurking grin on his face, I wish someone would wipe it off, its almost as thou he's enjoying this mess. I would also like to see some of the expense accounts that have been racked up over the last 3 years, that would make good reading. May be that's what he's grinning about?


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This is what he said about the hearing,

"Secondly, I hear what the hon. Gentleman says about his Committee conducting an inquiry into the role of the Speaker, and that is absolutely proper—

I think he said something from a sedentary position about tomorrow, with evidence being taken and witnesses being heard, and that is absolutely right. I do not know what he expects me to deduce from that. I would not dream of seeking to comment adversely—still less to trespass, which it would be quite improper to seek to do—upon the legitimate autonomy of any Select Committee of this House. It is perfectly proper for his Committee to undertake such an inquiry. I am entirely untroubled by it, and it is a reflection of his conscientiousness that he should do it."

Basically, he was saying, "Am I bovvered?"
I too would like to knock that stupid grin off his face. And yes, I am sure he is having a whale of a time! Horrid little man, suffering from Napoleon Complex!
Corby //Am I bovvered?"// Which is typical of his arrogance.It is good that he will be gone at the end of the month.
So today’s culprit for fiasco brexit goes to ..... Bercow.
Anne, for what happened yesterday, yes, he was the culprit.
Was there anything Bercow said that was actually so outrageous, though, danny, or was he just applying Commons rules correctly? As he made clear, nothing he said stops the Government from introducing the legislation needed to implement its Withdrawal Agreement.
On the subject of scrutiny, shockingly (but not surprisingly?) the Brexit Secretary himself plainly had not read/did not understand the deal himself as he had to be corrected on future NI-GB customs arrangements.
And I was watching an interview with Tory “rebel” Steven Brine, who plans to vote for the deal , but when brought up on some of the (not so) small print was plainly unhappy about it. Kept saying “well we’ll have to look at that”.
I should think so!
Danny, what would have been achieved yesterday if Bercow voted the other way !?
Jim, when her refused to allow it to be brought back yesterday he quoted parliamentary precedent, yet, as one MP pointed out to him, he had on a previous occasion stated that he was not bound by precedent.
Anne, Bercow did not vote on anything.He decided that a bill could not be heard that day.
Not being bound by precedent and always following it are not the same thing.
As posted above tho I don’t think precedent was the main reason for disallowing it.
In interesting attempt to dodge the question. Precedent isn't a binary thing; it's perfectly sensible to respect it in some cases but not in others.

So, the same question, then. What was it he did that was so shocking? He hasn't stopped the government from getting its WA through Parliament -- merely said that they should respect the vote on Saturday, when Parliament said that it would wait until legislation was introduced and passed.

It suits some Brexiteers to kick up a fuss about nothing. That's what has happened here.
// He decided that a bill could not be heard that day. //

No, he didn't. He decided that Government couldn't table a motion under section 13(b) of the EU Withdrawal Act 2018, having tabled the same substantive motion on Saturday. It was able to introduce its bill later that day.
I messed up my previous reply: Jim’s first sentence above puts the case properly :-)
Jim, and was the Bill introduced?
He's a duplicitous worm unfit for office.
Yes, danny. They are debating it today.
ich & jim, if you really think that Bercow is a suitable individual to be the Speaker, then there is nothing more to say.
You've just been found out for misunderstanding the facts, Danny. The least you could do is acknowledge that point.

The question of whether or not Bercow is a suitable speaker is clearly a partisan one. You will no doubt be relieved to hear that he'll be gone by the end of the month. But, as he pointed out (correctly) yesterday, he spent a good deal of time between 2010 and 2016 being a friend of the Eurosceptics, giving them ample time to air their views and concerns in Parliament.
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I have to admit I'm not into politics in a big way, neither do I fully understand the in's and out's. What I have witnessed over the last three years is the House of Commons its turned into a kindergarden. The only thing the opposition is interested in ( as always) is number 10, to complete their careers, nothing to do with sorting Brexit. The lot of them are a absolute disgrace. I dread to think what the future holds with such a mixture of prats.

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