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Scottish Independence

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mikey4444 | 20:07 Mon 25th Mar 2013 | Politics
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We will be entering the period of discussion about Scottish Independence pretty soon, now that Mr Salmond has decided when the referendum will be.

It would appear to be, at this stage anyway, that a no vote will win the day. But there is a long way to go and we should all be aware of the dangers for the United Kingdom if the Scots voted yes.

Forget all about Trident !

Scotland sends 59 MPs to Westminster. Out of those 59 in 2010, 58 were not Tory. In other words, there is only one Scottish Tory MP. The joke is that there are more pandas north of the border than Tory MPs.

Put it another way...there won't be 58 MPs in Parliament to oppose the Conservative Party.

All very good. But if Scotland did indeed break away from the UK, the Tories in the rest of Britain, ie England, Wales and Ulster, would be in very great danger of assuming almost total control for years ahead.

Permanent Tory rule at Westminster !

So, get campaigning for a British Scotland !


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Yeah, but the we'll have the other R soles in!!!
Just vote UKIP.
If the Scots want out, Amen.
Same goes for the cornish.
They're all miserable gits!
Question Author
Eh ? Thanks Sid.
A bit late with this but I dont think the Scots are miserable gits. In fact I find them and the Irish far more friendlier than the English.

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Scottish Independence

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