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Palestinian Leadership, Why Support Them ?

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Khandro | 08:57 Mon 11th Dec 2023 | Current Affairs
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For 75 years Palestinians have refused to accept the existence of Israel and have refused all opportunities to have and run their own state.

Instead of getting on with life and with building a functioning state from 1948, as did the Israelis, Palestinians have adopted the pathetic role of perpetual victimhood, the only ‘people’ with a permanent UN agency to let them remain in continuous juvenile rebel-without-a-clue mode. The billions of dollars handed to them have been stolen by their vicious, kleptocratic ‘leaders’. Degraded and debased by their Jew-hatred and self-righteous expectation that they hold a permanent and historical lien over land that was historically, and is now again, Israel, they have plumbed new depths of depravity.



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Palestinian Leadership, Why Support Them ?

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