After 10 Months, Lockdown Aint Worked............

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10ClarionSt | 09:30 Wed 27th Jan 2021 | Current Affairs
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............but they still don't see it. Is Bojo the Clown going to resign? Nah!!
20,000 deaths, carry on with lockdown.
50,000 deaths, carry on with lockdown
70,000 deaths, carry on with lockdown
100,000 deaths, carry on with lockdown.
From what I can see, nothing will stop this virus. It's finding the weakest and most vulnerable and it will continue to do so. Johnson seems to be taking the stance that he will continue to act like King Canute, then go home and put his Emperors' New Clothes on. Let's see what he says when the figures hit 200,000 in short time.


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Well release lockdown now, all back to normal and we'll soon hit your 200000.
A realise you dont get it tho so wont waste time
Best ignored.Usual rant from 1 CS.
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Morning Bob! Morning Danny! :o) You may as well do that, Bob because lockdown aint worked has it? Bojo himself said so. But we'll continue with it anyway. Just do it, if y'all are happy with it. And you are aintcha? Go on admit it! You love it!
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Time for brekkie. Thanks for the replies folks. Byeeeeee!
I keep reading (headlines only) that the WHO don't think lockdowns work. Seems an odd thing for them to say, if true.
so what do you suggest now oh great one?
Omg. Just noticed this is in CB. Now we're in trouble.
TBH, last year I did have some sympathy with our view but looking at the sheer effort of the NHS, the stress it is under, I struggle to comprehend how ending the lock down would not overwhelm the NHS and result in many more deaths. To say the lockdown has not worked is like saying cancer treatment doesn't work because people are still dying of cancer. I don't know what's going on between your ears 10cs but It ain't much.
what is the alternative, let everyone go out and about, get business back to so called normality, pubs, cafes open, i don't see how that would work either.
Its a simple strategy adopted all over the world and supported by all political parties here - contain the spread as much as possible so that are health services are not overwhelmed and bodies dont pile up, until the vaccinne program means the majority are largeley protected from serious infections and we can safely start to lift the restrictions. So simple that 10 clarionstreet has missed it
Were you an ostrich in a previous life.
so simple bob that 100 thousand are dead, something hasn't worked has it.
emmie, don't be as silly as 10cs, please. How many would it have been without the lockdown?
The problem facing world governments is that this crisis has not precedent, so everyone is figuring it out as they go along.

It's clear - but with hindsight of course - that the lockdown was too lax and too late, but we are where we are, and have to deal with that.

I remain unclear why borders were not shut last March, and why they remain open now, when it is clear that countries that have locked their borders have significantly reduced the impact of the virus.

It's easy to gliby say 'Lockdown ain't worked ... ' but in the absence of a viable alternative, it's difficult to gainsay it as a response.
merely responding to Bob, in his post, nothing is simple of course.
It's not only the 'weakest and most vulnerable' who are dying though. In our area there have been several young adults in their 40s/50s. The latest one a 42 years old young woman last week.
The problem facing world governments isn't lack of precedent, exactly. People point to the 1918 flu, or even the 1968-69 season. More recently, South Korea faced a threat from MERS, which is a similar, more deadly although mercifully less infectious, virus. Part of the reason South Korea has been so lightly affected, in comparison to other countries, is that they had seen the importance of rapid and widespread testing and isolation programmes and were ready to roll these out within maybe a couple of weeks of the first cases being reported. South Korea's reported death toll so far, despite being among the first countries reached by the virus, is 1,378, which the UK surpassed in a single day yesterday.

There *was* precedent, but a combination of factors has led to most Governments choosing to ignore it.
//so simple bob that 100 thousand are dead, something hasn't worked has it.//
Hard to say exactly or even roughley how much its helped, emmie. Depends what the figure would of been without lockdown. 150000 by now? 250000 ? It probably would have been alot less maybe 50000 if wed done lockdown earlier and restarted earlier before Chrismas, but we can't be certain
It does work tho we know infections fall a lot tho as is happening now and deaths fell a lot in summer as lockdown bit (but also due to weather)

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After 10 Months, Lockdown Aint Worked............

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