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pete27 | 23:47 Sat 30th Oct 2004 | Music
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Hi!, Does anyone remember the parody song to the above hit, it's something like 'Leader Of The Laundermatte', released in the mid-60s. Also any known artists covered by parody versions like Weird Al Yankovic songs such as 'Beat It' and 'Bad'



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"Leader of the Laundromat" by the Detergents was a parody song in answer to "Leader of the Pack".
There was "Packer of the leads" in the 70s, but I cant remember who it was by.

Shaggy's " It wasn't me" was covered ... it's a wee bit rude, but funny.

Lots of parodies there ^^^

ooops posted the wrong link LOL that is harry potter link

^^^ that has a few ...... lmaooooo @ the "can't get her out of my store" song about winona ryder lolol

dave lee travis (Laurie lingo and the dipsticks) doing cw mc call's country hit convoy in about 1976. Although thats pretty damn bad.

The Bogmen doing Lets twist again. 

Anything by Star Turn (geordie versions of everything from blur and oasis to eddie calvert).

Peter Sellers doing Beatles songs in a germanic accent.

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Leader Of The Pack

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