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Twimon | 11:32 Fri 16th Jan 2009 | Music
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What is the best Gig youve been too?


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Probably Bob Marley and the Wailers, twice, but the Stones and Bowie were fabby too.
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Wow! Bob Marley, thats pretty cool!
I would love to see the Stones.

I have to say mine was Between Motorhead and Pink Floyd.
The Undertones were fab,
Rory Gallagher was excellent,
Eric Clapton was equally as good....but

my favourite gig was The Eagles in Dublin about 10 years ago.....they were *AMAZING*....and the fact that i had waited sooooo long to see them....made the whole thing dream-like!! ......I'm gonna remember that feeling all day now lol
Live 8, that kind of covers most of the greats oh and 30 seconds to mars. Pinks good and Jamiroqui
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Live 8! Watched that on the Box! I would have given anything to have gone.

I saw 30 seconds to Mars! So good!

pink Floyd animals tour 1977 new bingley hall stafford

:::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
In space of a month month I went to live 8, saw REM again and went to glastonbury. I love my music so when I receoved that txt saying I was going to live 8 was amazed, was also on tv about it, but what made the day even more special was my nephew was born and a congrats msg came up above the stage :-)
where did you see 30 seconds?
As a music writer, I have seen hundreds of gigs, but best by far was Springsteen on 4 July 84 (I think the year is right) at Wembley.

Every single gig on the Born In The USA tour - which lasted two years, was started with that rabble-rousing song, except this gig. They played 'Independence Day', then carried on with the rest of the set. Nothing was said, they just did it, and if you know the song, you will know why I was blubbing like a girl by the end of it.

Knebworth 1990 where I saw Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Mark Knopfler, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Status Quo, Tears for Fears and (I'm ashamed to admit this) Cliff & The Shadows.
Queen at Knebworth 1986. The last time they played live. Radiohead or Muse any time, any place, anywhere. Brilliant.
Nirvana, Reading Festival '92...

Beck, Hammersmith Apollo '05...

Madness last year, very good it was too
I went to see madness 3 years ago, they are brilliant arent they
I am very jealous of most of you, especially Twimon & 4get for seeing 30 STM. I couldn't get tickets for love nor money but fingers crossed for next time round.

As for best gig, I have enjoyed every gig I have ever been to and all for different reasons but to name a few:

-Eddie Reader
-Tori Amos
-Oasis at Knebworth
-Take That

(mot in that order) and a few others that have disappeared from my mind right now
Veleet Revolver were great as well. Didn't think i would like it as was filling in for someone who pulled out last minute, but really enjoyed it.
(I mean Velvet)
lesblue... I agree with you. I also saw Queen at Knebworth in 86. a proper show!

Bruce Springsteen in Leeds also in 86.

Prince.. any time I've seen him! last time was Aug 08 at the O2.
Oooh! Missed 'Ani Difranco' off my list. Really enjoyed that gig.
Seen Led Zep, The Who, Stones, Pink Floyd etc, but the best gig I've seen for atmosphere, was an African Reggae band called Harare Dread. The place was full of Rasta's who'd traveled from all over the country to see them.

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