Ticket Touts How can they be stopped?

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curiosity | 20:28 Fri 10th Oct 2008 | Music
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I went online at 10 a.m to buy tickets for the Killers within minutes the standing had sold out. I managed to grab some seated but not really happy. Yet by 10.30 a.m they are on ebay and other websites at triple the price. How do they manage to get more than their allocation? What if anything can be done to stop this? Grrrrr


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I hate them as much as you but have no idea how to stop them. Many moons ago I had a spare Stones ticket which I off loaded to a desperate fan at face value. Call me stupid but the tickets are for the fans not the money making leeches who prey on them!!
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I remember earlier this year stumbling across a programme where this was being debated by music producers, it was a bit like a select committee meeting, I was heartened to see they were trying, but I didn't watch any conclusions they came up with.
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where are your KOL tickets for no.knowledge? Ive got tickets to a few dates but am thinking about making it a nice round 4 times. If its for london or BRighton im deffo interested.
Not sure whether its illegal to resell a ticket. When you go to Wimbledon I believe you have to produce id to show that the ticket belongs to you. Technically I believe the seat belongs to whoever has the ticket at the time. 'Not for resale' is very debatable in law. Perhaps you legal eagles have an opinion on that. Having said that, we live in a free market economy. Basically what that means is that you can sell anything for what anyone is willing to pay, whether its houses, cars, football tickets or whatever. Why should concert tickets be any different?

ps I have heard that some ticket agencies sell tickets that that they dont even possess at the time. As bad as touting if you ask me.

pps It seems the normal now, if you can get through, to buy your allocation of four tickets which you can then sell to anyone you like. Ticket agencies employ students to do it.
had same thing annoying ,but iff despate try going too www.scarlet mist ,ethical ticket exchange for fans ive sold 2 tickets on there for recent gigs cos mates droped out at face value only..
There is no guarantee that they will eventually be snapped up by someone who will sell on at a profit. The first thing i learned at school economics was the law of supply and demand.

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Ticket Touts How can they be stopped?

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