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something in the way she moves...

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sara3 | 11:43 Sun 22nd Jun 2008 | Music
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I downloaded the track "something in the way she moves", a cover version by Radiohead. I've dearly loved this for a long time. I played it to someone yesterday who said, "but that's George Harrison". I've searched the net and he may be right (which I just hate!), but there are also results stating it's a Radiohead cover.

so.. did Radiohead cover it or not? I am v confused!


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Radiohead have indeed covered Something (originally by The Beatles rather than George Harrison solo, although Harrison did write it). Here it is: diohead_something_beatles_cover/
Sorry, that wasn't really what you were asking, is it? :-)

This version is by Radiohead, but Thom Yorke does seem to be showing off his George Harrison impression.
I thought it was 'Something in the way HE moves me.'
Or have I got the worng song?
If so I'll just get me coat......
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thank you, but.. but... if you see this link.. g04/george_harrison_something_in_the_way_she_m oves_beatles_cove/

it's the very same version, but listed as George Harrison!
The Beatles recorded the song Something (NOT "Something in the way she moves") by George Harrison as a single and it got to number 1.

Here is a video of the original single

But the Beatles also later released an anthology of old tracks and outtakes, and this featured George Harrison doing a solo demo version of the song.

Here is George's solo demo (press the red circle for the post by "dark-horse" near the top to hear it):

But many of the web sites that say they are playing the Radiohead version seem to sound very similar to the Geroge Harrison version (assuming the link above IS the George Harrison version).

Here is a youtube video which says it is the George solo version.

The George Harrison version seems to last 3 minutes and 15 seconds.
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Just to be FRIGHTFULLY pedantic, Something (coupled with Lennon's Come Together as a double A side) was one of the few Beatles singles released during their active recording career that didn't reach number 1 - at least not in the UK. It only reached number 4.

tigerlily11 - it no doubt is the same song, as it has also been recorded by female artists, notably Shirley Bassey, which would account for the slight change in lyric.
Bit of trivia about the song.

The Beatles started their own record label called Apple (their first apple single was Hey Jude) and they signed a number of artists, including James Taylor.

On James Taylor's first Apple album was a track called "Something in the way she moves".

Here is a video of him singing it:

George Harrison heard the song (as it was on the Apple label) and particularly liked the opening line.

He played around with the song, and out of that came HIS song called "Something" with the first line "Something in the way she moves".

Ah, helpfulguy beat me to it! I was about to mention James Taylor too!
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wow, you guys know WAY too much!! thanks to all :o)
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OMG, it's our anniversary ♥

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something in the way she moves...

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