i need to know title and artist of this song...

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Kareem | 17:52 Sat 27th Oct 2007 | Music
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what is this tuune...its duin ma hed in...i need to know this tune its a few years old and its a dance tune...the only words i can recall are my life and its a woman singing grateful of any help....x


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don't know how to do the youtube post thingie! could it be it's my life by dr alban??
is it Alex Party, dont give me your life? Thats prob bout 10 years old though.
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itz not dr alban and the other thnx for help buyt still not founbd it :(
Could it be chanel - my life? Its not that old though?

This might not work but.....
Could it be 'Its my life' by the band called No Doubt? Lead singer was Gwen Steffani.
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yes its chanel one thanx peopleee!!!!! x x

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i need to know title and artist of this song...

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