ebineezer good

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meredith101 | 13:18 Thu 27th Sep 2007 | Music
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what is this slang for?


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It isn't slang for anything. The joke came from the chorus where The Shamen were singing "Es are good" back in the heyday of the acid scene.
E's are good. pills
The refrain of the song goes "eezer Goode, eezer Goode, he's Ebeneezer Goode". A play on words. Good E, and E's are good.

The BBC banned it, the tabloids (mainly the Daily Mail) hounded the band, and they withdrew the single after four tempestuous weeks. Incredibly the band continued to deny any lyric connection with drugs. Although they also include the line, 'got any Vera's' reported to be slang for Vera Lynn "skins". =ebeneezer+goode

Ah, the daily mail, what would we do without them.

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took me a second but very funny!

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ebineezer good

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