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The Macc Lads

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mucko | 12:57 Fri 02nd Apr 2004 | Music
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anyone heard of there bunch of maniac's that were around in the mid eighties? their song's are lyrically insane but quite enjoyable (not whilst in the company of your gran!!)


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Yeah...they were heavily promoted in Viz if I remember rightly....Now sadly split up I believe you can catch up with their antics here
HAHAHA....fantastic...the appear to be the only band on the planet as well who now have gone back to operating a barter system to buy their music.....For a pack of 20 ciggies you can get a tape!!

Check here for the current exchange rate

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500 pounds, he's very round, he gets taller when he lies on the ground! sheer genius!
didn't they have a charming song called "sweaty betty"?
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yep - not forgetting 'julie the schooly'!
'sweaty betty/ she's like a lump o lard/ sweaty betty/she makes me d*** go 'ard'. classic stuff.
Your local HMV should stock stuff by the Macc lads
They have a greatest hits album called, "20 Golden Crates", which contains many classic hits such as, "No sheep 'till Buxton", "Sweaty Betty", "Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy", "Julie the Schooly" and many more. Very important cd in my music collection!

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The Macc Lads

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