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stop listen whats that sound...

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treaclefight | 12:21 Sun 16th Nov 2003 | Music
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for the life of me i cannot remember who this really famous song is by. they played it during john sargeants review of catch 22 last night on the big read. it is compulsary to play it when mentioning the vietnam war. i know all the lyrics but ive forgotten the artist. come on the borg, who's going to answer it first? 'stop listen whats that sound, everybody look whats going down....'


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For What Its Worth - Buffalo Springfield
Treacle - don't know the title, sure it's on the 3 CD GM Vietnam s/track. Here's the lyrics: Buffalo Springfield is the group: [
Hey beaten to the post - just! ;+D
It reached the US top ten in 1967 but it was never actually a hit in the UK, which probably accounts for the fact that while everybody knows the song, a lot of people can't quite put their finger on what it is, exactly.
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so not only do i get an answer and confirmation of it, i get an explanation for why i didnt know, you lot are brilliant, thankyou.
It was on the original Island Records sampler LP which I had in the late sixties along with Meet on the Ledge (Fairport Convention) and Rainbow Chaser (Nirvana). The cover had a group photo of all of the artistson the LP. Can anyone remember any of the other tracks?
It is on the Island sampler, but by Art:
It was actually a minor hit twice over for Oui 3 as well, reaching No.28 in the spring of 1993 with a remixed version faring slightly better (No.26) later in the year.
Many, many thanks for that smorodina. Brings back lots of happy memories.

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stop listen whats that sound...

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