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SurreyGuy | 08:05 Mon 11th Sep 2006 | Music
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I watched a programme over the weekend championing having "Jerusalem" as the English National Anthem.

I'd be happy to have that or "Land of Hope and Glory", but was puzzled as to why some people in the programme didn't want LOH&G as it was "jingoistic". I agree that it's patriotic, but is it REALLY "jingoistic"?


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Of the two,I think i'd plump for Jerusalem. Any would be better than the present one,which as far as I can tell,celebrates a person (monarch) as opposed to our actual country.
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I completely agree with the person/country point!
Id go for Jersuelum
Another vote for Jerusalem from me :o)
jerusalem for me to very patriotic in my view and powerful
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J 4

Allow me to let LOH&G pull one back. Of course it's not jingoistic. It's everything a national anthem should be - rousing, upbeat (unlike Jerusalem, which is a hymn, not an anthem) and expresses pride in the country. It would also give us a chance to reclaim it from the flag-waving, toffee-nosed yahoos at Last Night of the Proms.

I've been complaining for ages whenever this topic has come up in conversation about GSTQ having nothing to do with the country but celebrating an unelected leader - more the sort of thing you'd expect from North Korea.
Jerusalem every time .

5-1 !
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Well I suppose the fact I had "J" sung at my wedding makes it 6-1! :o)
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larkin, you can't count! :o)

J 6

I had Jerusalem at my wedding is quite an emotional tune!
Oh yes I can SurreyGuy. You stated it was 4-0 then littleoldme stuck a vote in for LOHG which made it 4-1 and then I voted J which made it 5-1.
What's wrong with that ?
Don't make your apology too long winded Surrey :-D LOL .
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larkin, I un-reservedly retract my statement and humbly bow to your greater ability to read replies! :o)

J 7

L 1
Forgiven completely !
What is one Land of Hope and Glory between friends ? LoLx
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I still don't see LOH&G as being jingoistic - I reckon the people on that programme must have been deluded!
The problem here is that the present National Anthem is, like it or not, the anthem for the whole of the UK. LOH&G has the advantage that the country name is not mentioned and therefore could be substituted for GSTQ/K if the UK ever became a republic (in fact, the UK is already in political terms, a republic - it just happens to have an hereditary president - but that's an argument for another day).
If, however, devolution becomes complete, then there is a case for Jerusalem to become England's national anthem (although I am rather fond of He is an Englishman from HMS Pinafore as an alternative).
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Now you'tre getting too political for me! :o)

According to the programme the other night, Scotland and Wales already have their own anthems which they play in preference to GSTQ, so I think the next steps are................

we all write to our MPs and........................................

we all boo GSTQ whenever we hear it! :o)
Jerusalem was my school song so I'm not sure I especially want that. Give me Three Lions any day!
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Hey robbo, nobody said you had THREE songs to choose from! :o)

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