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a old old song

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tcbwtlc | 23:40 Sun 23rd Apr 2006 | Music
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When I was a small child my grandmother sang a song to me . I don't know the name of it or who sang it these are the words I remember. Poor little babies their names I don't know . Were lost in the woods a long time ago . And they sobed and cried and they bitterly died . Poor babies in the woods who laid down and died . And when they were dead the robin so red carried strawberry leaves and over them spread . Then he sang them a song the whole day long . Poor babies in the woods who laid laid downj and died . That is all I remember . I believe it is a song from the 1800 hundreds .Can anyone help me with title and who sang it ? thanks



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It's a traditional English folk song called 'Babes in the Wood'. There are probably many versions: I have one by the Copper Family but I'm sure there are more.
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Thank you maxi29

I never knew where she had learned the song from . And didn't know much about my grand mothers background . Other than she and my grandfather met back in the 1800's And he was full blood Cherokee Indian and she was from Ireland . Wish I knew more. Thank you so much for your help .

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a old old song

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