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River Songs/Music

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Hazlinny | 19:13 Fri 05th Apr 2024 | Music
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After all the rain, some rivers are overflowing so I thought we might try to find songs/music with a river name (World, UK) in the title - it must have the "name" in the title just not about "river" as there are so many of these.




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An obvious one

Question Author

Little Mix- shout out to my exe. (ok I cheated a bit there)

ABC- shoot that poison ARROW?

Blue Danube Waltz

BURN baby BURN- River Burn

ah - in th OP!

Christie- Yellow River

Pussycat I think sang Mississippi in the 70s

Question Author

For NMA  Arrow River, N. Z.

Olivia Newton John- Banks of the Ohio

Question Author

For NMA  River Burn, Norfolk.

Alan Price?- Bonnie and CLYDE

also Jay Z and Beyonce had a song of that name


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River Songs/Music

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