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Which Compilation Cd Can I Find The Story Of The Blues By Wah

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gingermick66 | 23:20 Mon 06th Nov 2023 | Music
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Compilation or various artists CD's



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That you Landf?


Click on the 2nd one down on the album:

Track 71 (CD 4 track 11)

Available on Ebay for £7.24:


Probably plenty of others in that first list, but this is the first that I found.

Happy hunting  :)

If you're happy to hold on a little while Gingermick, Pete Wylie and Wah have a best of album coming out soon. If it also includes Come Back, Sinful and a gorgeous Heart As Big As Liverpool, it'll be well worth getting.

On my first link, if you scroll down, you'll find this album:!/The+Handy+Wah!+Whole+:+Songs+From+The+Repertwah!+:+The+Maverick+Years+2000


.... which has the tracks:

Track 11 - the story of the blues

Track 15 - come back

Track 19 - sinful

Track 29 - heart as big as Liverpool


It's not cheap though, the cheapest I could find on Ebay was £29.99:

Link doesn't work in last post - try again:!/The+Handy+Wah!+Whole+:+Songs+From+The+Repertwah!+:+The+Maverick+Years+2000

Aaaarggghhh - doesn't work again -just copy and paste all of that link into a new browser  :)

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Which Compilation Cd Can I Find The Story Of The Blues By Wah

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