Lyric, Performers And Composer Of A C.1950S Popular Song.

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RobertGordon | 12:38 Fri 03rd Dec 2021 | Music
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Could someone please provide details of a song I loved years ago (probably in the 1950s) that runs something like this: “Tomorrow, tomorrow we’ll have our tomorrow, don’t cry now, don’t sigh now, we’ll meet again someday...the road that takes you far away, far far away, far far away will bring you back to me some day, my darling, wait and see...”. I have searched for it through Spotify, Sonos and Google in vain. What was its title and who were the couple who sang it so well? Who wrote the words and music? Thanks if you can help.


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Could this be the one?

I guessed Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson and looked up their discography.
i thought it might be them too, but it's a bit out of my time.
This is the one bhg suggested.
Incidentally, if you click on "more images" under the picture of the label you can see it was written by Jay, Reid and Gray.
Beat me to it. Haven't listened to it though.

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Lyric, Performers And Composer Of A C.1950S Popular Song.

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