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Where Have I Heard This Before?

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Barsel | 00:56 Sat 15th May 2021 | Music
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My Son - in - law has this as his ringtone on his mobile. I recognised it straight away, but when i asked him what it was, he said it's the theme from Bottom. I've never watched Bottom in my life, so where have I heard it before, what is it called and who is playing it please?


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B.B's Blues by B B King:

Phoar, I know that I have heard it to, Barsel. Can't think where though, sounds very mid 60's tv show type of stuff though.
Actually, I'm not so sure now. The intro to B.B's Blues was definitely used somewhere by 'Bottom' but it doesn't seem to fit with your own video.
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Don't think it's that Chris.
Question Author
I was thinking that Tony, that I heard it a long long time ago.

The opening and closing credits must have got interchanged somewhere!

Your video features 'Last Night' by the Mar-Keys:

Brilliant, Chris ( I should have know'n that ).
Question Author
That's it Chris, I can sleep tonight now.:-)

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Where Have I Heard This Before?

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