Guitar Solos....again

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tiggerblue10 | 15:45 Sun 11th Apr 2021 | Music
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I realise I posted the same question some years ago but things change and there are new ABers around.

Anyhoooo.....what is your favourite guitar solo?

This is mine :o)


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Frank and Steve Vie dualing (duelling?) on Stevie's Spanking.
Quite a contrast between Frank and Steve's below-the-belt wear!
You should have waited untill the statute of limitation expired next thursday ,on posting the same question .
The one that holds a special place in my heart is from 'Goodbye to Love', by the great Tony Peluso.

Eddie Van Halen’s solo on Beat It is pretty darn good.
Mamy I absolutely agree with that - brilliant - that's also my choice .

By the way did I tell you all that Karen Carpenter is the best vocalist that ever lived ?
Certainly Purple's best song, Tigger. Many say SOTW, but not I. I do have to say that, imvho, Dave Gilmour's solo on Comfortably Numb takes some beating.
Joe Walsh and Don Felder's 2-guitar solo on the long version of "Hotel California"
I hear it differently every time ;o)
piggy; brilliant!
Steve Hackett, Firth of Fifth. Starts at 5:44.

Genesis's best album by far, Jim.
Apart from A Trick of the Tail.
Nah, i'm a bit of a Genesis snob, Jim. Think Gabriel took them down completely the wrong road, going all commercial. Yes, they've made zillions but for someone who 'didn't want to be the lead singer', Collins couldn't grab that mic fast enough ;-/
how do you share a video so its not just the link showing.?
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Loads to listen to in a bit ;o)

Ta muchly!
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For some bizarre reason I can only post links off YT on my tablet. On my desktop I can post the actual video.

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Guitar Solos....again

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