Halifax Ad= Oasis

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bobbinwales | 21:45 Wed 03rd Mar 2021 | Music
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No question really just a comment. Just seen the Halifax TV ad a few times this week. Doesn't Oasis "STand by Me" sound so good even tho its nearly 25 years old? Sounds better than a remember it


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>>> Doesn't Oasis "STand by Me" sound so good even tho its nearly 25 years old?

Well, it sounds the same anyway, droning on and on like a kid learning to play the bagpipes!

(Perhaps you can guess that I'm not an Oasis fan? )
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Didnt realise I was such a fan either but after hearing current music so much at work these day's this sounds so good now
Yes, I know what you mean. Always singing along.. :-)
I wasn't so keen on them back in the day bar a few songs, but now have the complete works as Oasis.
It's okay I suppose. It's no Live Forever though.
Think video is better than song.

Love Oasis...but that might be my age, it was my era.
The music is meh, the ad is so right-on of course although not sure where the Halifax helps couples disappointed about a another month with no pregnancy (which is all I can imagine one of the scenarios is about).

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Halifax Ad= Oasis

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