Why Is It That The Funk Masters Song "Its Over" Is Not On Any 80S Compilation Cd?

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GerryCA64 | 14:39 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | Music
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I went on Itunes wanting to buy The Funk Masters 1983 hit "Its Over" but was not available then i discovered no 80s cd has this track on it, why not?
Seriously its 2020 and Sony Bmg still has not included this song on its great 80s compilation Cds.


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Sony BMG has been defunct for almost 12 years, you could try complaining to Sony Music.
It has appeared on a few compilation albums, but it looks like they weren't released in the UK;subtype=Compilations&filter_anv=0
You can raise a question at sony music support.
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Sadiqrehan: Thanks for your reply but do you have the address for Sony Music Support then?
If it's any comfort, it isn't on Spotify either. There may be some issue with the sampling? It's not unheard of for artists or labels to refuse to license their music to streaming.sites. Aaliyah, King Crimson and Garth Brooks can't be found on most sites, Jay Z is exclusive to Apple Music.
It is on Youtube, and you can get sites that convert YouTube videos to MP3.

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Why Is It That The Funk Masters Song "Its Over" Is Not On Any 80S Compilation Cd?

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