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fiction-factory | 17:49 Sat 19th Sep 2020 | Music
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Queen at Wembley is on yet again on Sky Arts. But every time I see it I am reminded how good they were


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Seen them live at St James Park in 1986, it was awesome
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Yes, saw them in 1986. Will never forget it- a fantastic sunny day- 3 great acts over around 6 hours.
Status Quo and INXS were with them when I went
Queen live now
there is something I cant put my finger on about that
It's great having Sky Arts on freeview now, there have been some really good programmes.
They were an utterly amazing band.

The combination of talents and abilities made them a cut above virtually all of their contemporaries.

The glam/metal band I saw as a support group in 1973 went on to develop into one of the most adventurous and musically progressive bands there has ever been.

I am pleased to have seen them then, and again in 1977 when their meteoric rise was in its ascendance - sadly missed.

(I don't count the aberrations of two members going out under the band name with various pale add-ons as being Queen, even if they do.)
I wish I'd seen them live but I was too young to go at the time.
Me too, tiggs. Too young to appreciate them enough, anyway.
tiggerblue - // I wish I'd seen them live but I was too young to go at the time. //

As I always say, it's one of the compensations of being the age that I am - having seen the great and the good, sometimes when they were on their way to that level of status.

In turn, I envy people who saw all the sixties pop legends in their early days - or at all.

I would love to have seen Little Richard in his pomp, and Chuck Berry, and Jimmy Hendrix, but we are all of our individual time, and we see what is around.

I do think that we will never again see the raw and visceral power of pop and rock again - everything is far too produced and choreographed, the spontaneity has gone and is unlikely to return.

I am always keen to be amazed though, and I approach every gig I go to with that hope in mind.
I think there is still a lot of rock about like that, andy. It's usually pop that is over-produced.
I saw theBeatles in 1963, later Gerry and the Pacemakers , the Searchers and the Mindbenders in a show called The Solid Silver 60s
In 1975, it was announced in school assembly that there would be a meeting in room whatever, for anyone who was interested in going to see “The Queen”
How my friends and I laughed. Who on earth wanted to go and see her.
When we found out it wasn’t The Queen, but Queen, and all the places were taken, we weren’t laughing any more.
When I found out the concert was going to be broadcast live on TV, I consoled myself with looking forward to that.
But no. The one night of the year we had visitors, so I wasn’t allowed to have the telly on.
Oh well, at least my big sister bought me the Night At The Opera album for Xmas. It was her boyfriend that lent me all their previous albums.

Even now 45 years later, I’m still stunned that my stiff, proper, formal school would arrange something like that.
Oh yes A-H, I'd love to have seen Jimi Hendrix. It was the 50th anniversary of his death yesterday :o(
I was offered a spare ticket to go and see them somewhere when we were living in Germany, mid 80s, as I'd never heard of them I declined, wasn't a great music fan and it was a massive drive there, watch the show and drive straight back.

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