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Are You Consider As A Fan Of An Artist/Band/Group Of You Also Describe Them As “A Guilty Pleasure”?

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MM305 | 06:56 Wed 17th Jun 2020 | Music
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Cause I read a quote that you aren’t considered a “real” fan of someone if you admit to them being a guilty pleasure. I even read a quote from a celebrity that does not want someone to be fan if they consider her as a guilty pleasure.

I don’t know what’s the general view/perspective on that, so I would like to ask you guys if you can be considered as a fan of someone who is also a guilty pleasure to you?

As a reminder, here are the several listings on what can be considered a guilty pleasure to someone:

- 1) It's something you felt uneasy/negative about at first, but then ended up liking for some reason.

- 2) It's something that would lead to physical (as well as verbal/mental) assaults no matther how much you try to defend/ignore

- 3) It's an interest that you know is flawed/has its faults, yet you like it because you can't help such a feeling. For example, a song with full racial/sexist lyrics. You may be aware that the song is heavily flawed for its sexual/racial lyrics, and end up thinking “Damn, they are right about this criticism", but you can't stop listening to it! (I could also use Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video as an example for males, because such a "seemingly" objeciifying video may still get males sexually aroused to the point of wanting more of it.

4) To add on to #3, you realized they are not as skilled as certain singers that you have listened to, making you wonder from something so great to something mediocre/bad.

5) I'm liking something that is “out of character/different in personality and approach" compare to yourself. Like this metal guy who admits to liking some pop acts!

6) You are the minority of a fan base that is filled with your opposite gender (like a male liking Justin Bieber/1D/Taylor Swift/boy bands/etc.)


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I think you're overthinking things. No-one needs to self-analyse, in such minute detail, their music preferences.
This question has been asked by you in almost identical forms many times and you have had hundreds of suggestions. It might now be worth re-reading them and seeing a counsellor/psychologist in my opinion
Here's just one example
There are also those you posted under another user name
Question Author
All of those involve asking id its wrong/weird to like/be a fan of something and if you have/believe in guilty pleasures, while this question is about what the general consideration of if you are a fan of something you consider to be a guilty pleasure.

I don't know he answer myself, so its why I ask all of you.
Question Author
Are You Consider As A Fan Of An Artist/Band/Group Of You Also Describe Them As “A Guilty Pleasure”?
The answer to the question in the title box is simply "Yes", but just forget the term 'guilty pleasure'.
MM305, your question really isn't much different from all your others. Your 'guilty pleasure' stuff is alien to many ABers - it seems a very odd concept and one that you are strangely fixated on.
PS Where did you read the quote about 'not being a real fan...'?
You enjoy what you enjoy. Whether the artists consider you a fan or not doesn't matter.
Question Author
Can’t find the link now (it’s been a while).

But the point of this question is to ask if you are considered a fan of someone even though they are a guilty pleasure to you (based on one or all of the listings in the description)?

If you like a singer , for example, then you are a fan. If you are a fan of someone (see previous sentence) but feel you shouldn't be (because they generally are aiming their act a young girls and you are a 40 year old man for example) then you could describe their music a guilty pleasure for you. But who really cares what others like?
Nope, I like what I like in entertainment, no need to feel guilty about it.
Yes. I worry about you... and not because of your taste in music x
I don't have guilty pleasures and think the concept (although commonly accepted) is actually a dangerous one.
Beware of giving too much weight to some individual's opinion. Like what you like, dislike what you dislike, and try not to pay heed to titles such as "fan".
Too much discussion and not enough sniggering, yes I like Steps but I didnt get the Tshirt.
I don't think you can describe yourself as a fan of a group or singer if you also describe that group or singer as a "guilty pleasure". Saying that something is your "guilty pleasure" is saying that you like it, but you also disapprove of it (ie you think it is wrong for one or more of the reasons you have listed). So you cannot be a fan of something that you disapprove of.
When do we get to K-Pop?
Not so, Ringlet. It suggests one thinks others would disapprove if they found out, and that one cares what others think.
From The Buzz/hello!...

Top 50 guilty pleasures...

Having an extra scoop of ice cream or slice of cake
2. Ordering takeaway because you can't be bothered to cook
3. Watching Disney films and cartoons as an adult
4. Falling asleep in front of the television, or at the cinema
5. Watching Netflix / catch up TV or films back to back all day
6. Having an extra tea break when you should be working/studying
7. Ordering enough takeaway to feed a small family
8. Stealing soaps and toiletries from hotels
9. Staying in your pajamas all day
10. Having a whole pack of biscuits with a cup of tea
11. Drinking juice directly from the carton
12. Snooping through other people's pictures on Facebook
13. Curling up with a cup of tea and phone/magazine when you should be doing the chores
14. Proving your partner wrong about something
15. Eating a family size tub of ice cream or bar of chocolate to yourself
16. Listening to cheesy pop
17. Eating cereal for dinner
18. McDonald's breakfasts
19. Watching daytime television such as Bargain Hunt, Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women when you're ill
20. Having a Hot Chocolate with all the extras - whipped cream and Marshmallows
21. Buying yourself flowers
22. Having breakfast in bed
23. Getting back in to bed on a Sunday afternoon
24. Buying a packet of cake or sweets that you know no-one else likes purely so you can eat them all on your own
25. Eating Nutella out of the jar
26. Airport drinking at breakfast time
27. Watching cat videos on YouTube
28. Watching on to the next episode of a box set, ahead of your partner
29. Eating the stash of sweets and chocolates that are supposed to be for the kids
30. Having more than one takeaway in a weekend
31. Buying the same new item in different colours
32. Pulling a sickie
33. Following celebrity feuds
34. Reading an adult novel e.g. 50 Shades of Grey 
35. Hiding your favourite food from the other members of the household and pretending they must have eaten it
36. Watching Keeping up with the Kardashians/reality TV
37. Still listening to the Spice Girls as an adult
38. Watching videos of things fitting in other things perfectly
39. Taking countless selfies until you get the perfect picture
40. Secretly following celebs on social media
41. Sneaking off for the day to have a spa break
42. Weird celebrity crushes
43. Doing multiple Buzzfeed quizzes
44. Watching a celeb have a reality TV breakdown
45. Going out for dinner and ordering all desserts and no savoury
46. Telling white lies to the kids so you don't have to take them somewhere
47. Going to the pub straight after the gym
48. Biting both ends of a Cadbury's finger and sucking your tea through it like a straw
49. Playing on the games console when the kids are not around
50. Dancing to Meghan Trainor
None of those fit into your rather extreme definition(s) of what a guilty pleasure is.

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Are You Consider As A Fan Of An Artist/Band/Group Of You Also Describe Them As “A Guilty Pleasure”?

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